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Mario Tennis Aces Adding New Free DLC Character This Week

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not the only game on Switch that gets a big bidding this week. Nintendo also rolls with a new patch for Mario Tennis Asses. The update is scheduled to arrive on January 31st and will make a number of balance adjustments, will start another challenge for Co-Op and add a new feature: Boom Boom.

As of February 1, players will be able to unlock the classic Super Mario Bros 3 middle boss by competing in the online tournament of the game; all others will unlock it automatically after March 1. You can take a look at Boom Boom in action in the trailer above.

In addition to Boom Boom, Nintendo returns the Boo Hunt Co-Op Challenge until March 2, allowing other players to find special costumes for Boo. This special challenge uses Swing Mode and there are players who join online to hit the ball as much as Boos in the time limit.

In addition, Nintendo adds a mode of answering for online and LAN games. AI also improves, and a large number of characters receive a balanced adjustment. You can read about all changes in full notes.

A number of new characters have been added to Mario Tennis Aces since the launch of the game, including the Shy, Didi Kong, Pitt Piranga and recently Luma, who arrived in early January. The next free character of the game will be Polin, and it will be available in March.

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