Thursday , October 1 2020

Lunar landing: REAL reason for Neil Amtrong being "very quiet" after Apollo 11 was exposed | Science News


On July 20, 1969, NASA completed the seemingly impossible mission of Apollo 11 to put the first two men – Neil Amtrong and Booz Aldrin – on the moon. Amtrong made history, jumping from lunar landlord Eagle and delivering his legendary "one small step" speech to millions of anxious people looking at the Earth. The late astronaut became an overnight sensation after burying the American flag in the lunar surface and ending the space race with the Soviet Union.

Upon his return to Earth, Amtrong was questioned by the general public to avoid attention and notoriously avoided interviews, leading some to question him.

However, Neil de Grasse Tyson made any bedtime speculation earlier this year during an episode of his StarTalk podcast, confirming that this was a natural behavior for Amtrong.

He told listeners in July: "Neil Armstrong was not malicious, he was a very quiet man and did not seek publicity.

"He was not a party life, but sometimes people who are not party life sit on nothing.

"He's sitting there, in the head, realizing things, he's an active mind of the engineer's restless brain.

This is what was captured. "

NASA astronaut Mr. Massimino was a guest on the show and made his verdict.

He added: "When I first met Nile, he stood in front of us and it was like getting to know our hero.

"He's the man, isn't he? But he got there and it seemed that he was almost painfully shy, as he found it difficult to speak.

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"Do you think they made it up?"

Mr Massimino agreed momentarily, before adding why he changed his mind.

He explained: "I think they chose a humble person.

"In fact, I used to think maybe at the beginning, but I think recently, in the last few years, I've changed my mind about it.

"Because I think it's too much to think about.

"I think what they really saw was the right man to land on the moon."

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