Saturday , August 15 2020

London Snow: Rainy streets of Vinty hit the capital, as deep freezing brings great chaos to the roads and railways across the UK

Winter rains arrived in London after heavy snowfall caused major disturbances in much of southern England, with hundreds of left strands stranded in their cars.

The snow, heading eastward, reached Wiltshire, Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent, where white things appeared, also landing in parts of the capital.

The snow lay at a depth of 12 centimeters at Bodmin Moore in Cornwall, and 5 centimeters were recorded at Sennigbridge, Pauis, according to the met-office.

This already exceeds the maximum 10cm snowfall that was predicted when the weather forecast issued a weather alert for Thursday.

British Airways canceled or merged several short-haul flights from Heathrow Airport due to adverse weather conditions.

Cornwall Airport, which is near Newquay, was forced to temporarily close on Thursday due to snow, and about 100 cars were heading to the nearby A30 of the Temple.

Cars stuck in the snow of A30 (PA)

There is an ongoing "intense effort" to help drivers, according to chief inspector Adrian Leysk, who runs the roads across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

Matt Argyle, 46, who got stuck on the A30 traveling east near the Temple, said he was sitting in the same place in five hours.

He said: "The search and rescue police just went through the past, but that's the first service vehicle I saw, there are no cars on the other side of the road, so it has to be completely blocked."

An IT specialist managed to stay warm by using a sleeping bag and additional clothing that he packed into his car.

Journalism student George Geheim (28) caught in the snow while returning from Plymouth to Falmouth. She said: "Everyone drove slowly, but especially on the hills, the cars were leg knives, and people got stuck up the hill and climbed down the hill and had to retreat."

The ice cream unit ceases to deal with the Merthyr Tydfil residential property, as the snow begins to fall (PA)

Plow and sand are sent to help drivers who retreat along the snow-covered pavement, according to social media images.

There were also vehicles stuck on the A39 between Winnards Perch and Wagebridge and the Cornwall Council: "Please stay with your car. We have scratches on the road and they will clear the roads as soon as possible."

The rescue service of Devon and Somerset said drivers were stuck on the A38 near Hildon Hill and the A380 near Ideford.

Cars stuck on snowy A30 in Cornwall

Emergency services have warned drivers to stay in their cars and get warm.

The RAC expects to attend more than 8,000 defects across the UK by the end of the day, a company spokesman said.

This is equivalent to about one every 10 seconds, and is about 15 percent higher than what the company usually anticipates, he added.

Cars stuck in the snow of A30 near Newquay (PA)

Metrop Twitter announced: "Snow, originally moving north and east across parts of southern and southwest England, Midlands and Wales, will stop and flow fragments.

"Winter showers will continue in the northern and eastern regions, and ice is probably in many parts overnight."

A severe weather warning issued up to 10 centimeters snow

There are "treacherous driving conditions in places," the newspaper added.

Temperatures have been frozen for many across the country and have fallen low as minus 12.9C (8.8F) in Braemar, Aberdeenshire on Thursday night.

The two snow depths of 8cm in Cumbria and 7cm in Inverness-shire were also recorded by Met Office on Thursday night, although this is believed to be the most common remnant of Wednesday.

Passengers in many parts of the country were warned to leave early on Thursday to ensure they returned home.

The Southwest Railway has already warned travelers that trains can be canceled on Friday morning, while work is completed to check and clear tracks

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