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Lewis Hamilton struggles to keep up with F1's "wave of young talent"


"I fight as much as possible to stay in the mix," Hamilton says after the epic Brazilian general finished with the youngest F1 podium

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Sky F1 case, Karun Handhock, is on Sky Fall to watch the reboot of Alex Albon and his ensuing clash with Lewis Hamilton

Sky F1 case Karun Shandok is on SkyPad to look at Alex Albon's reboot and his subsequent clash with Lewis Hamilton

Luis Hamilton believes the bewildering Brazilian general showed on Sunday the potential of the F1 "wave of young talent" – and the six-time champion says he is "fighting as much as I can" to keep up with Max Versailles' characters.

The Interlagos epic began with intense scrap of wheels between the wheels between Hamilton and Versailles before two late safety cars led to more drama, with Hamilton eventually colliding with Alex Albon and racing to Piero Gasso's Toro Rosso line second place.

Hamilton took full responsibility for his collision with Albon, resulting in a five-second penalty and crashed to seventh.

"It was a great race," Hamilton told Sky F1. “I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a little upset in the end because I never want to run into anyone, but I certainly take risks.

"I gave absolutely everything and more, I pressed hard. We didn't have a lot of pace and I honestly think we went faster than we should have been. The Red Bulls really deserve the win, they've done a better job. "

Mercedes-Benz Hamilton Explains Pitts Before Second Reboot and apologizes for hitting Alexander Albon after a crazy race at the Brazilian Grand Prix

Mercedes-Benz Hamilton explains piping ahead of second restart and apologizes for hitting Alexander Albon after crazy race at Brazilian Grand Prix

Following Hamilton's sentence, the podium was eventually filled by the remarkable race winner Versatile, 22, Gazley, 23, and McLaren's Carlos Sainz, 25 – making him the youngest best three in F1 history (beating Italy in 2008).

Hamilton, the network's second-oldest rookie, turned 35 in January, but insists he is excited about more battles with F1's "future".

"It is inevitable for young people to appear," he said. "Often there is a wave of young talent that succeeds in breaking into Formula One and I think Formula One got a lot of new young blood with a lot of potential and they really are the future of the sport.

“While [my] the numbers are showing a little higher, I feel like I can start with these guys again and so I'm excited about future races with these guys and if we can get these teams closer then we'll go see more great battles like today and I think would be great. "

Hamilton added: "I think it was a great race and again it's great to see young people coming and going so well.

"I fight as much as possible to stay in the mix."

Hamilton's praise of Albion and Gasley

Hamilton has often described Versailles as a worthy rival to the title and predicts more battles with the Red Bull star in 2020, but after Sunday's race the English have reserved special praise for Albon and Gasley.

Albon, 23, enjoys a sparkling rookie season, which included a move to midfield from Toro Rosso to Red Bull, and was on the course of his first podium before a shot at Hamilton.

"I never want to collide with other drivers," Hamilton said. "Alex rides fantastic, it's not easy to be a team mate for sure, with an experienced rider like Max, but he does great and I can assure you I know exactly how he feels right now. And I can assure you, it's not intentional, so I went to apologize. “

Louis Hamilton hit Alexander Albon, taking him out of the Brazilian Grand Prix allowing Pierre Gasley to finish second in the Interlagos track

Louis Hamilton hit Alexander Albon, taking him out of the Brazilian Grand Prix allowing Pierre Gasley to finish second in the Interlagos track

After that collision, Hamilton headed to the line with Gasley, who outscored Mercedes by 0.062. It was Gasley's best finish of his career, coming just three months after being replaced at Red Bull by Albion.

"It's really great to see, especially through the experience and the journey he went through from being on one team and then on to the next," Hamilton said. "Making it is really wonderful."

He continued: “He did a fantastic job. He put the car in the right place on every part of the track, it was very fair and he was not wrong. So, cheat it. He did a fantastic job.

"Obviously, Honda has taken some big steps and it's great to see another manufacturer as strong as they are now. That means hopefully next year we will have a serious three-way, two-way battle and that's great for Formula One."

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