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Leonid's meteor shower is visible in the UK this weekend

Shower will reach the peak of METEOR this weekend.

Known for their brightness and color, Leonids have some of the fastest moving rock on any shower, traveling at 44 miles per second.

Darts should still see about 14 or 15 meteors per hour if the sky is clear.

The show is best seen after midnight, and if you want to take photos NASA recommends using wide-angle lenses to get the most out of the sky.

The space agency says the best way to view the show is to find an area far from the street lights, dress warmly and lie flat with your feet to the east.

The Metropolitan Cabinet says most of the UK will be cloud-covered when the Leonids reach their peak Saturday night on Sunday morning.

Shooter stars travel at about 45 miles per second (72 km / s) and leave about half of them visible trains that sometimes take seconds.

Shower Leonid appears when meteorites, small rocks fall to Earth after breaking away from the Tempel-Tutl comet.

These burn and evaporate before they hit the surface of the Earth – causing a series of hot air that we see as a shooting star.

Meteor shower Leonid gets its name from its luster, the point from which meteors emerge from the Lion Star.

Every 33 years, Leonid's meteor shower arrives as a meteor shower, with more than 1,000 shooting arrows per hour.

In 2034, researchers predict that observers will have a chance to witness 2,000 meteors per hour in the "Leonid storm".

The next big meteor shower in the sky will be Gemini in mid-December.

This is the strongest meteor shower in the year with 120 meteors per second.

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