Friday , June 18 2021

Kate and Prince William reveal the parenthood of NIGHTMARE – "How to deal with it?" Royal News

Kate and William – who are the parents of Prince George & # 39; Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – discussed the parenthood dilemma on Thursday when they spoke about their engagement at the BBC to mark a week of struggle against violence.

The Duke of Cambridge acknowledged that it was "quite difficult" to work out the balance in online time.

William said: "We still have not figured out the right balance for online time.

"It's quite difficult, it's still very smooth dynamics.

"We will lead this discussion with our family, how, by God, will we be at the police and spend time in the family when all the phones are abandoned and are you offline?

"Because we are all so connected now that we have to say," for example, now we eat. "

And William wondered how other parents solved this problem.

William said: "This generation will be the first generation that will grow up fully immersed in mobile phones, social media, many things.

"And yet our generation, the older generation, the generation of parents, we are completely", how to deal with it? Where are we going? Where do you learn how to care for the digital world of your children? "

William and Kate took part in the engagement day after the couple took a night out of parental responsibilities to attend Prince Karol's 70th birthday at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen had a glimmering surprise at the Buckingham Palace due to her son's celebration on Wednesday.

Kate and William were seen as arriving at the opportunity they were looking for, and Kate set up a pair of diamond earrings.

And the charming three children of the couple found themselves in two new family photos released on the occasion of Charles' birthday.

George, Charlotte and Louis stole the program on charming pictures taken in Clarence House gardens.

The little three look very young when she sits alone while George, five years old, sits on the lap of her grandfather.

Kate is holding Louis & # 39; a – who was born in April – when he smiles with a sweet smile on the camera.

Kate and William had a hard week ending their classes in South Yorkshire on Wednesday before Charles's party.

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