Sunday , April 18 2021

Jupiter and its moons to be visible through binoculars throughout the month – National News



Jupiter will present this month and we may be able to see with nothing more than binoculars!

In his review of the celestial events of June, NASA notes that Jupiter will be visible for about a month. A few moons on the great planet may also appear.

June 10 is the date when Jupiter arrives at the "opposition" when its orbit coincides with the right line with the Earth and the Sun, with the Earth in the middle. NASA says that at this time "the planet is visible in the sky all night".

Also, its approximate time when Jupiter is closest to Earth.

"The largest planet of the Solar System is a brilliant gem of the naked eye, but it looks fantastic through a binoculars or a small telescope that will allow you to see the four biggest moons, and perhaps even see a hint of the bound clouds surrounding the planet," NASA writes.

See for Jupiter to rise to dusk and stay visible all night long.

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