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iPhone 11 Pro contested by Google's Mate 30 Pro less on Huawei, in latest camera test

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro is now considered one of the best sniper smartphones on the planet.

This device is equipped with a primary camera, telephoto and ultra-wide angle every 12-megapixels. Of course, the device is not all about the hardware, there is a ton of software behind one butt.

Apple's new flagship has three basic software components: Smart HDR, Deep Fusion and Night Mode. In short, the Smart HDR will ensure that photos taken outdoors are not blasted and that shadows are illuminated and feature more detail.

As the name suggests, Night Mode comes in when the light is dim – it works by taking longer exposure which gives the iPhone 11 valuable time to take multiple photos at different exposures before gluing them all together.

And finally, Deep Fusion is designed to shoot anywhere between bright sunlight and low light.

Although Apple has overtaken the iPhone 11 Pro with new camera hardware and software, it may not match the photographic power of Huawei's Mate 30 Pro, according to DxOMark.

Who are the DxOMark's you ask? Well, they are a Paris-based publication known for conducting precise camera smartphone tests and delivering a finite numbered performance score.

The outlet finally reached a verdict on Apple's iPhone 11 Pro. The device was given a score of 117 – a poor result, but did not beat Huawei's Mate 30 Pro, which ranks 121st.

DxOMark praised the iPhone 11 Pro for its outstanding image quality and video capabilities. However, the publication insisted that the device was classified by the Mate 30 Pro in low light, probably because the Huawei device has a much larger sensor overall.

Dksomark said: "With a total score of 117 on the DxOMark Camera, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is ranked in the top 5 in our current rankings. Its 124 photo rating puts it among the best for still images and shares top video with the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition.

"The camera performed very well in our tests in all areas, but some challenges remain. Photographs generally show very good exposure. The dynamic range is very wide in bright light and indoors, but some highlights are still visible in very heavy scenes.

“Overall, the iPhone is among the best for exposure; it's only in very low light when it can't keep up with devices with larger image sensors, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Like previous generations of the iPhone, the 11 Pro Max also has a very good color rating and is among the best in this category in all light conditions.

"The slightly green cast is visible in some indoor scenes and in our lab tests, but the overall color tends to be very warm: a small yellow actress gives some scenes a nice feel and works very well for skin tones in portraits." .

Although DxOMark claims the Mate 30 Pro has a better camera system at all, the iPhone 11 Pro remains the only phone of the two you can buy right now.

Although Huawei unveiled the Mate 30 Pro at a glittering hardware event in September, its European release remains elusive. There is currently no word on when it will finally arrive.

The US trade ban on Huawei is likely to blame for the delayed release. This prevents Google from licensing Android Mate 30 Pro for Android, so the device can't be pre-installed with Google apps and services such as the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome and Google Maps.

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