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How Liverpool should fight against Porto – Joe Gomez returns, but Nabi Keita has rested

"It's time for trial and confidential"

Ian Doyle: Come all, this is the quarter-finals of the Champions League!

And this is a big deal.

Jürgen Klop knows it, and there is no suggestion, nor an indication that he easily takes things with his team selector for the second match in Porto, despite Liverpool 2-0 leading the lead.

Clopp's hand is forced a bit with the absence of Dean Lovren.

That means Joel Matip stays together with Virgil van Dick in the middle of the back, while Andy Robertson is on the left and missed the first leg by suspension.

I was tempted to put James Milner on the right back, but Trent Alexander-Arnold remains.

So make it three. What about the middle row, then?

It's time to be tried and trusted.

James Milner, Genius William and Jordan Henderson of Liverpool
James Milner, Genius William and Jordan Henderson of Liverpool

That's when Ginny William and Milner arrive to join Captain Jordan Henderson.

My team (4-3-3) : Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dix, Robertson; Henderson, Vianlum, Milner; Hall, Firmino, Mane.

"Liverpool must decide on solidity"

Connor Dan: I firmly believe that Liverpool will score a goal in Etudio du Dragao on Wednesday evening and that would mean that Porto should find four in turn to advance in the next round.

In this way, I feel that there is no need to choose a whole line of attack, but instead it decides on the solidity and that for me comes from the middle row three by Gini Vianlum, Jordan Henderson and Fabio.

Dejan Lovren is inaccessible to the central part of the pair by Virgil van Dyck and Joel Matiot, and left back Andy Robertson also retains his place.

On the other side of the defense, although Trent Alexander-Arnold deserves rest with the advent of James Milner to fill that position.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and James Milner from Liverpool
Trent Alexander-Arnold and James Milner from Liverpool

Running the line is constantly present before three, and on the other end, of course, Alison Becker.

My team (4-3-3) : Alisson; Milner, Matip, Van Dix, Robertson; Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Henderson; Hall, Firmino, Mane.

"Trent deserved rest"

Theo Squires: Despite boasting a lead of 2: 0 and with the memory of last year's 5-0 victory in Portugal, which is fresh in mind, Liverpool can not take Porto as a healthy for cash on Wednesday night.

Jurgen Klop's side will expect a semi-final clash with Barcelona, ​​without any mistake, but it will not be easy. Porto beat Roma 3-1 home in the final round.

With that in mind, I will go for a little conservative line for this. As far as the first match was to be done early and drag it, Liverpool will want this to do the same.

I would throw Joe Gomez from the very beginning of the right back with Trent Alexander-Arnold for rest. Porto withdrew behind defense of the Reds many times at Enfield, so a more defensive line would not hurt.

Joe Gomez of Liverpool during the training session of Melwood's training ground on April 8, 2019 in Liverpool

With Deyan Lauren sick, the rest of the defense is backing up with Joel Matip, Virgil van Dyck and Andy Robertson, set before Allison.

Before the three were in the best shape they were in the whole season, so why get on board? They keep their seats.

In the middle of the pitch, Jordan Henderson and Nabe Keita are great on recent outings, but they fall on the bench with Gianni Viennaldam and James Milner taking their places.

I would be tempted to rest Fabio, but with Henderson playing so well in this more advanced role, I would not want to run his rhythm by returning him to the role.

Again, a more cautious approach will not hurt and Klopp will need all of his team's members to shoot all the cylinders for this decisive month of the season.

My team (4-3-3) : Alisson; Gomez, Matip, Van Dij, Robertson; Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Milner; Hall, Firmino, Mane.

"Liverpool have to go all the way away for a goal"

Kaойм О'Нил: Liverpool are at the top of the Champions League semi-finals despite a landslide victory of 2: 0, Reds must go beyond goals.

Back line, including goalkeeper, remains unchanged.

Jürgen Klopp said Joe Gomez could play at some point and I think his return would be welcome, but most likely as a second-placed substitute to help manage the game.

For me, Nabi Keita keeps his place to start the middle row.

Guinea seems to be growing in confidence with every game, and the increased playing time will add only that.

It feels impossible to leave Gianni Viannum, but captain Jordan Henderson could not touch him until late, and he retreated alongside Fabio.

Fabinho arrives for the Champions League on the 16th match of the First leg between Liverpool and Bayern Munich on Enfield on February 19, 2019
Fabinho arrives for the Champions League on the 16th match of the First leg between Liverpool and Bayern Munich on Enfield on February 19, 2019

I hope the top three can be downloaded to an exciting start and we can replace them as early as possible, with one eye on the weekend collision with Cardiff.

My team (4-3-3) : Alison, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dix, Robertson, Henderson, Keita, Fabio, Mane, Salah, Firmino

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