Friday , September 25 2020

Horrible family get Iceland pizza covered in black mold


Kim Ban was "disgusted" when her niece was sent a pizza with Iceland peppers (Photo: BPM MEDIA /

One family has been "delayed" on Iceland shopping after receiving a pizza covered in black mold.

Kim Ban says her granddaughter ordered Iceland pizza, Deep Pan Double Pepperoni, from the Selsdon branch last Friday.

However, Kim was shocked to find "disgusting" black mold – all the way to the end "when she opened it for her daughter's lunch.

Kim said: 'This is a double piper pizza, but it's all black mold to the end

"Absolutely disgusting."

The family claims they were offered a pizza charge that typically costs £ 1.

However, they say this is a "frightening" customer service, given the shock they have experienced.

Family offered £ 1 refund (Picture: BPM MEDIA)
They claim the incident delayed them shopping in Iceland (Photo:

Kim said: 'I would think they would at least give a voucher to lure her to go shopping.

"She actually put her off shopping and now, just like me."

Iceland confirmed to The Sun that they had been contacted on social networks by Kim and her granddaughter.

However, they said they are waiting for the account holder to speak directly to them so they can investigate further.

A spokesman said: 'In Iceland we are proud both of the quality of our food and the quality of our service. On this occasion, our client clearly did not receive this usual high standard of experience.

"We are very interested in looking at this issue and making this client feel valued and understanding that it is important to Iceland." contacted Iceland for further comment.

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