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Great British contestants for 'Bake Off 2019'

The return of At great Britain it's only been a week, and now we know the full lineup of competitors participating this year.

The reality show seems to be going younger, with the youngest ever and half of the new bakeries in their 20s.

The average age of the contestants is 31, which is four years younger than the previous series. Two hopefuls – Jamie and Henry – are 20, while the oldest competitor – Phil – is 56.

There are also 13 of them this year (a dozen bakeries, if you will) instead of the usual 12.

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Channel 4

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Chief Judge Paul Hollywood said: "Baking has become so cool to do, and if you are a girl, a young boy, if you can bake, you will hang out – always."

His colleague Judge Pew Litt added: "When they (show bosses) choose bakeries, the main thing they want to know is that they get the 12 best bakeries in the country.

"They are not ready to find someone who is the right ethnic mix, or the right height, or the right age or whatever. Only when they really know that everyone who stays in the competition are the fantastic bakers that Channel 4 is sure they got the right balance. "

Here's who is participating this year:

  • Dan, a 32-year-old support worker from London
    • Elena, Leeds internet manager at age 40
      • Amy, a 20-year-old part-time waiter from Surrey
        • Amelia, a 24 year old fashion designer from London
          • David, an international health advisor at age 36 from London
            • Alice, a 28 year old geography teacher from London
              • Henry, a 20 year old student from Durham
                • Michelle, a 35-year-old print product manager from Tenneby, Wales
                  • Phil, a 56-year-old HGV driver from Reich
                    • Report, marketing consultant at Leicester 34 years
                      • Michael, 26-year-old theater manager and fitness instructor from Stratford-upon-Avon
                        • Rosie, a 28-year-old veterinary surgeon from Somerset
                          • Steff, a 28-year-old shop assistant from Chester

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                            Paul and Pew are both on trial for any cakes, biscuits and bread they can handle, under the watchful eye of returning presenters Noel Fielding and Sandy Toxvig.

                            Great British Roasting will return to Channel 4 on August 27.

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