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Google Stadia Reddit AMA: Everything We Learned


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We're less than a week from when Google Stadia Founders Edition controllers deliver those who were lucky enough to get one before it was sold. With Stadium almost here, several members of the development team today went to Redite to answer any questions people might have about the new gaming platform.

Overall, nothing was blown up during the conversation. However, there were still some interesting things about how Google Stadia will actually work once you activate it. This is good information to know, especially for those of you out there who have a package on the way.

That's another thing: The Stadium team provided some clearer information on when you're likely to get your controller (s) and how that won't really affect when you can really start playing games.

Below is a summary of these and other great things we learned during the AMA. You can read the whole thread of questions and answers here.

Pairing your controller on your TV is temporary and you only need to do it once. You'll need a smartphone to pair the controller with your Chromecast Ultra. However, after going through the setup process, you'll just need to grab the controller and hit the Google Stadia button to start playing on your TV again. Check out the pairing process below:

You will need your phone to buy games. Once set up to play, you can play without using your phone. However, at first you won't be able to buy new games on your TV. Instead, you'll need your phone for purchases.

It's very simple to start games and play with friends right from the controller. Once everything is set up, you can easily navigate through your games and start playing either alone or with your friends online. Check out how it works in the video:

Google Stadia will be pretty basic when it launches, but new features will be regular. Many of the features that Google hopes to be a part of Stadia won't actually be on Stadia when you first get started next week. However, the new Stadium features will land "as soon as a week after launch", according to the AMA.

At first you won't be able to use the current Chromecast Ultra for Stadia. You will need to use the Chromecast Ultra that comes with your Stadia package to use the service. This is because the dongle will have the latest updated firmware installed. The AMA said Google would announce that the firmware update of the current Chromecast Ultra units "soon after launch", but the specifics were not disclosed.

Your game may be interrupted, but your game will continue. Since you use Chromecast Ultra to play your games on your TV, what happens if someone throws something else on the same device? The new content will appear on the screen, but your game will continue for another ten minutes, which should take a long time to tell the person who just stopped playing that you are using a TV.

Yours has made a Google clip for your Stadia controller and phone. If you want to play on your phone, you'll want a way to clip your phone to the Stadia controller. There will be no third-party products that will do this at launch, but eventually there will be one called Claw, which will be made from a Google product sold exclusively in the Google Store. Check it out below:

Google Stadia ClawYouTube

Your founders name has some limits, but it can change. If you're lucky enough to be the founder of Google Stadia, you can be the first person to choose your handle. However, that handle must be between three and 15 characters long and must contain only letters and numbers. Don't like the name you choose? You can change it at any time and as much as you like, with Google support email. It is not clear whether the non-founders will have the same privilege.

You can start playing on November 19th even without a controller. Stadium controllers will begin shipping on November 18, meaning many will not arrive at people's homes on November 19, the day they begin. However, that doesn't mean you can't play. On November 19th, you'll get a Google Stadia sign-in code and after you can start playing with your keyboard and mouse, your PIDX smartphone or HID-compliant controller. Deliveries will go in the same order Google received.

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4K / HDR / 5.1 will be available for the Chromecast Ultra at launch, but nothing else. If you want to play in 4K and have supported TV and Chromecast Ultra, you're all set up. However, if you want to play 4K / HDR / 5.1 on your PC, you are unlucky: that feature won't start until 2020.

The family relationship will be available for 1 day, but not for gaming shares. If you have kids, you can control their 1st day play with Google Stadia. However, you won't be able to use Family Link to share games – each player will need to copy the game to play. Sharing will disappear as soon as possible because it is a "high priority" feature.

Game achievements will be announced in 1 day, but you won't know it. There will be many achievements in the game to get while playing. However, at startup, you will not be able to see or follow these achievements because there will be no adapters. This feature will start soon.

Google Play credit cards and credits will work. If you want to buy a game at Google Stadia, you can save money by using Google Play gift cards or points.

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