Tuesday , September 21 2021

Four arrests after hundreds of “coffin violators” attacked Harrods as a crowd filled central London


Olis made four arrests for violating Covid-19 rules after hundreds of young people mobbed Harrods as visitors packed up central London the first weekend after the lock.

The group stormed into a luxury store in Knightsbridge on Saturday afternoon, trying to get in and crowd the outside streets.

Most did not wear face masks and ignored social distance instructions.

They tried to enter the store which resulted in clashes with the guards. Police were called and dispersed the crowd as they arrested them for violating false and bad rules.

Twitter users criticized the group for violating the regulations,

Bob posted on Twitter: “No wonder the quiver is spreading! Selfish, idiotic children without brains and thinking about others! “

Kevin Mitson wrote: “People in London are totally stupid and that is a fact.”

Richard Smith tweeted: “Can you trust these people? “If the brain were a virus, they would be the healthiest people on earth, just waiting for an accident to happen.”

JSurteesChapman wrote: “They were shouting and running around the store, no one was wearing a face mask. “A lot of police officers outside are trying to move them.”

In a statement, Matt police said: “Police were called around 1:09 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 5, to reports of a large group of people trying to break into a store in Bromton Road, SW1.

“A total of four men were arrested – two for abuse, one for violating Covid regulations and another for violating public order and violating Covid regulations. “Then the crowd dispersed.”

The West End saw crowds form the first weekend after locking in pictures showing crowded Covent Garden and Soho.

Crowds in Soho stopped to listen to buscars while restaurants and bars were also occupied.


Crowds of people listen to a bunker in Covent Garden on Saturday night.

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People outside a bar in Soho, London, relaxed after coronavirus restrictions after the end of the second national blockade

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