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Forty Season 7 Week 9 Leaks | Dexerto.com

The problems of Fortnite Battle Royale for the seventh season are revealed online, giving players a good idea of ​​what to expect when they go live on PC, PS4, Xbox One and every other platform on January 31st.

Sunday 9 Forty challenges should go live on January 31st.

  • Hit 3 waste trash with Icepuck (3)
  • Use a hidden snowman (1)
  • Finished three times trials with X-4 Stormwing Plane (3)
  • Elimination of a rifle (?)
  • Eliminating Opponents in Junk Merge or Retail Order (?)
  • Land of: 1. Retail
    2. Laden flight
    3. Haunted hills
    4. Shifty Shafts
    5. Divot Powders
  • Dancing at three named locations (3)

The challenges are not currently divided between the tasks of free passage and battle, and there is still some confusion over whether this will be the final list or not. Because the challenges were leaked ahead of time, they are subject to change.

Another leak shared by FNBRHQ on Twitter appear to show that the challenge that includes "golden balloons" can also be on the cards – we will tell you how and when the data miners can provide a more detailed list of all challenges and break them into the battle exclusive exclusive and Categories of free flaws.


The latest FNBR leak for the challenges of Sunday 9 differs from the original bit.

It is expected that the next 9 and 7 seasons will appear live on Thursday, January 31. As always, we will announce the guides and tips throughout the day to help you get better off as soon as possible.

As always, you can continue with all the latest Fortune news, leaks and gossip with tracking @Dexerto on Twitter.

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