Thursday , September 24 2020

Family vows never to buy in Iceland after delivering "black mold" pizza


One horrible family has vowed never to shop in Iceland again after receiving a pizza covered in black mold.

Kim Ban said her granddaughter was eagerly awaiting Deep Pan Double Pepperoni's frozen pizza when she made the discovery.

    One woman gets horrified when she finds Iceland's frozen pizza covered in mold


One woman gets horrified when she finds Iceland's frozen pizza covered in moldCredit: BPM Media

She ordered £ 1 a third for home delivery last Friday from a local branch in Sellsdon, South London, MyLondon reports.

Mum offered a full refund on the pizza, but said she was again delayed shopping at the supermarket.

Kim said: "This is for double pepperoni pizza, but it's all black mold to the end

"Absolutely disgusting."

The endangered buyer e-mailed Iceland along with a photo of the pizza, which appears to have a blurry mold cover.


Kim believes her granddaughter should have been offered more than £ 1 refunds to convince them to buy again in Iceland.

She said: "I would think they would at least give a voucher to hit her back for shopping there.

"It's actually stopped shopping now, just like me."

In May, Seine Reed was shocked when he found a bird's head cut off in the wings of a chicken wings in Iceland.

A mother of two put Iceland on Let's eat American Iceland's chicken wings, her family told her granddaughter before she saw a "face" on her plate.

Iceland confirmed that they had been contacted by Kim and her granddaughter's social networks, but are waiting for the account holder to speak directly to them so they can investigate further.

The spokesman added: "In Iceland, we take pride in the quality of our food and the quality of our service. On this occasion, our client clearly did not receive this usual high standard of experience.

"We are very interested in looking at this issue and making this client feel valued and understanding that it is important to Iceland."

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