Friday , September 25 2020

Facebook will now allow you to turn off notification points in your mobile app


Facebook is making a beautiful change to its mobile app to ease the pain of our brains by reporting: the company took advantage of the ability to turn off notification points for some icons in the shortcut bar and even allow you to remove some of those shortcuts entirely. The new feature was reported by TechCrunch.

I've tested it on iOS, and hiding reporting points is pretty easy. Just tap and hold the shortcut bar icon and a menu will pop up that gives you the option to remove the bar icon or turn off the red dots that draw attention to it:

You can also manage what's on the shortcut bar by tapping on the hamburger menu icon> Settings & Privacy> Settings> Shortcuts. I was able to hide watch, profile and group notification icons and points and TechCrunch reports that you can do about Marketplace, Events and Dating, too.

Facebook has confirmed that TechCrunch that this has dropped to most iOS users and that Android users will get it in the next few weeks.

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