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Euro 2020 qualifiers: Dutch protests lead to Davis penalties, says O & # 39; Neal

The referee should have handed the penalty better – O & # 39; Nile

Michael O & # 39; Nile says the prolonged protests in the Netherlands have led to the penalty for skipper Steven Davis in the Euro 2020 qualifying.

Virgil van Dijk was leading the Dutch grievance over Judge Simon Marcininak's decision, and Davis exploded due to his long delay.

"There is no doubt that he influenced him," O & # 39; Neal said after the 0-0 draw, which left Northern Ireland in Euro 2020 hoping to rest at the playoffs.

"That put doubt in his mind."

Polish referee Marcinina handed Joel Weltmann's handball penalty and after finally waving the Liverpool star and other Dutch players away. Dutch keeper Jasper Kilesen pushed himself into the next toys as he went from goal to shot to complain about ball positioning.

"There is nothing worse than standing there ordering a sentence and you are desperate to get it done," O & # 39; Neal told BBC Sport Northern Ireland.

“He [the referee] he had to deal with that situation better.

"Van Dyke was very loud with the referee in the penalty shootout. Then, when the referee finally gets round to set him up, he lets the goalkeeper out of the box, out of order, to demonstrate for some reason.

"There is no doubt that it has affected Steven. He didn't miss punishments, I think, in my time here. "

After Northern Ireland drew a number of good chances at the impressive start of the match, O'Neal said Davis' penalty reduced his team's morale.

"Having it was nice to go 1-0 at halftime and see how we play with the visitors 1-0. It will give us a lift and a little energy. .

Liverpool star Virgil van Dyke has been staging protests in the Netherlands since being sentenced to Northern Ireland.

NI "can spur play-offs"

The win would keep Northern Ireland's hopes alive for automatic promotion to the Group C Euro 2020 final in Tuesday's final qualifier against Germany in Frankfurt.

However, the Northern Ireland boss says the team's recent performances against the heavyweights of Group C must encourage them for their play-offs.

"We have competed with two of Europe's top teams, with top players playing in Europe's top clubs and we have not beaten easily in any of the matches," said O'Neal, who is ready to remain in charge of the play-offs and despite the recent appointment of a Stoke City manager.

"We were disappointed that we lost the game here against Germany [2-0]. We retreated here against the Netherlands. We were leading against the Netherlands in Rotterdam [before losing 3-1] so there are many things for us to be positive about.

"Equally we have to be sure that when we get to those playoffs, that level of performance is at that level and we have to be clinical. That's the lesson we learned from these three games.

"We started the match very well tonight. We had maybe three really good chances in the opening 10 minutes.

"We talked about being clinical at these games. We simply failed to do so against this level of opposition. "

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