Wednesday , January 27 2021

Essex Covid: Cities in which you may feel hard if the whole area is placed in Level 2 or 3

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that once the second lock was completed, England would return to local lock restrictions.

Prior to the nationwide shutdown, Essex was placed under Level 2 restrictions to help slow the spread of Covid-19 in the county.

Throughout the second blockade, however, most areas of Essex saw an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and a jump in the “R” rate.

But three areas in Essex had low infection rates throughout this blockade, with some areas even reducing infections.

These areas could feel difficult if the county returns to Level 2 or 3 restrictions.

Colchester has a steady decline in cases and infection rates. This week, the historic city has the lowest infection rate in the county, with 69.8 people infected per 100,000 people.

This has decreased since last week where the infection rate was 93.5.

Since the lock, Colchester has seen a reduction in infections from week to week. There were 136 cases in the city this week, down from 46 last week.

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Just above Colchester, Tendring has the second lowest infection in the county, but has seen an increase in cases compared to last week.

Tendring’s current infection rate is 71.0, up from 55.9 last week.

Cases also rose in Tendring, with 104 new cases this week, up from 82 the previous week.

Despite the increase, Tendring remains the county’s second lowest infected county and was recently the lowest in the country.

Maldon also noted an overall reduction in cases and the rate of infection. This week, Maldon’s infection rate is 72.9, down from 92.4 last week.

The number of cases in Maldon also dropped, with 48 people taking the test this week, down 12 from last week.

The current infection rate (calculated as the infection rate per 100,000 people) from all areas of Essex is below:

Basildon, 273.5

Brentwood, 238.9

Turok, 225.4

Epping Forrest, 216.4

Castle Point, 200.3

Harlow, 193.0

Rohford, 143.1

Southend-at-Sea, 133.2

Chelmsford, 119.4

Braintree, 118.0

Utlsford, 106.3

Maldon, 73.9

Tending, 71.0

Colchester, 69.8

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