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"Don't travel unless absolutely necessary," warn transport cops amid floods, landslides and downtown lattice

Police and train chiefs issued a stern warning to passengers after nearly 24 hours of heavy rain caused chaos on the road and rail network.

British Transport Police, along with Network Rail, have urged people not to travel "unless absolutely necessary" as Birmingham continues to suffer from heavy rain.

Adverse weather has led to delays or cancellations of many trains, as rail lines were left impassable due to flood water and landslides.

British Transport Police Birmingham tweeted: "BTP and Network Rail strongly advise people not to travel today unless it is absolutely necessary.

Gridlock in Birmingham city center after a day of constant rainfall

"Due to inclement weather, a large number of trains have been canceled or delayed due to flooding and landslides."

And workers who tried to head home for the night told of the chaos in the city center with blocked traffic.

Pictures taken from the Snow Hill parking lot show solid lines of traffic moving out of Birmingham.

One man told us: “My car is in Snow Hill, but traffic was not moving for 90 minutes. It's a mess.

Passengers wait on Snow Hill for news

"The city center is in full network. I saw a woman blow out of Snow Hill, and leave her car. She said she would not move in an hour. "

A number of roads around the city were closed together, including the appropriately named Waterloo in Solihull.

West Midlands Police say they have closed from Knowles to Chadwick Creek and many cars have been abandoned in the floodwaters.

Mercedes was also busy growing Ford in Green Bay.

The car is stranded in the Green Road format in Hall Green

The infamous flash point of flooding devoured the expensive engine when the driver tried – and failed – to cross it earlier today.

The car was left almost completely submerged at the site of Green Road, in Hall Green, despite red flashing signs saying "caution – don't cross".

Elsewhere, a series of rail services in Birmingham are affected by today's torrential downpours.

The city is spoiled by heavy rain on Thursday, November 14, as floods affect the area and the wider West Midlands.

Rovers range on the Handsfield strip

The region is currently in a state of rain warning with a "Matthew" warning of "life-threatening" conditions in the city.

The warning, affecting the Midlands Shores, should last until 11.45pm.

The train line between Shefford and Great Malvern is blocked.

The West Midlands Westbound confirmed that the line had been flooded, with dire conditions today and buses being replaced.

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Floods – November 2019

On Snow Hill, passengers were warned there were no trains between Shirley and Stratford.

And the line between Snow Hill and Kidderminster is flooded, causing long delays.

Tonight it is expected to have a brief break from the rain before it starts again at 9 pm.

Fortunately, current forecasts by the Metal Office suggest that tomorrow the rain will clear up to leave a cloudy sky.

Gray has blue skies during the last business day of the week.

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