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Diesena died and 19 were injured in a minibus crash in Cambridge


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Minibus overturns after crash at St Ives in Cambridge

Ena died in a minibus accident in the 1980s, injuring 19 others.

The bus crashed, including a car, near the Woodhurst and Blountisham villages in Cambridge at 4:51 pm GMT on Thursday.

An ambulance service in East Anglia said the woman had died at the scene.

Eighteen of the minibus passengers aged 60 to 80 were taken to hospital.

A man in the 1970s who was a Volkswagen Golf driver was also taken to hospital and remains in serious condition, Cambridgeshire police said.

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A crew of air ambulances in Magpas attended the incident

The B1040 Somersham Road was closed for more than 12 hours for investigations.

The force said some of those taken to hospital were "seriously injured".

The Mercedes minibus is believed to be from the SMS-Trail in Thamesster, Northamptonshire.

A company spokesman said: "It is part of a police investigation and no one is available to comment."

The ambulance service said 10 ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, a Danger Response Team and two air ambulances had been dispatched to the scene.

At the scene

Dottie McLeod, BBC Cambridgeshire Radio

Here on Friday morning, there are debris scattered all over the edge of one side of this junction where the B1040 Somersham Road meets the Blentish Heath Road and the Whiteway Road.

You can see, lying in the grass, broken glass, broken pieces of plastic, twisted pieces of metal, and even a pair of spectacles lying in the mud.

Police were at the scene earlier, but all vehicles have now been restored and road closures closed.

Ryan Burns was crossing the scene Thursday night and said he stopped to see if he could help.

He said he saw the minibus on his side and said people were very upset.

"We just tried to convince them that [emergency] services were on their way and trying to stay as calm as possible with the help coming, "he said.

"I was just doing what everyone should do, I believe."

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Terry Harris

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The road opened at 06:00 GMT

Nearly 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for improvements at the junction, set up after Thursday's crash.

The owner of the cleaning service, located 500 meters from the junction, said it was not the first time an accident had occurred at the junction.

"We heard a helicopter some time after [the crash] but I didn't think any more [of it] because accidents happen there regularly, "he said.

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The accident happened near the villages of Woodhurst and Blountisham

The Cambridge County Council said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on the accident while investigating the police.

But he added that road safety in the county was a priority and "this intersection is already being worked out to see if improvements can be made."

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Emergency services attend accident in rural Cambridge

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