Friday , October 22 2021

Citroen C5 Aircross 2018 review


Basically, it's enough to compete with the middle class, but the C5 Aircross does not fit Citroen's marketing attitude in important areas.

The brand's confidence in the new SUV is such that it decided to launch a car in Morocco, a country where road construction is best described as a hit and miss. The difficult route ran through highways, broken mountain roads and neglected dirt roads, giving us many opportunities to recognize the Citroen test as "the most comfortable SUV in its class".

Climbing on deck and first impressions are positive. The armchairs are distinctive – slightly trimmed and thickly padded, initially seem too soft, but prove to be surprisingly helpful when traveling.

Numerous color options provide the cabin with lightness and breathability, and the digital display of a standard fit instrument is more configurable than most others. We also have no objection to the possibility of adjusting the driver's position, because this 6-inch tester can quickly get comfort.

Closer research, however, reveals some of Citroen's weaknesses. The quality of the finish at ordinary points of contact differs from surprisingly soft to slightly below the norm, especially with delicate door cards, while the brand's audio-information system remains annoyingly lagged and difficult to handle in traffic. The menu shortcuts are now below the screen, but they are more capacitive than the physical buttons and as such are an obstacle, not a help.

The C5 Aircross meets at least the promise of best-in-class practicality. Three single rear seats of equal width slide, unfold and can be completely dismantled, while the only black mark on the surface is the significant reduction of the rear clearances with the panoramic roof window installed. With these seats moved forward, there is a very large trunk with a capacity of 720 liters, and in the center console there is a huge cooled chamber.

The dynamic assumption of C5 Aircross is one that we can enter. Many SUVs accept a trade-off in relation to their hatchback counterparts due to extra play and a higher center of gravity. Often the solution is to stiffen the suspension to alleviate excessive body movement, resulting in less than cosse driving on pockmarked British roads.

The unique (and patented) Citroen suspension concept adds a few additional hydraulic shock absorbers to each suspension coil, replacing the usual rubber stops. The larger the tumor, the more shock absorption they offer, and allow you to adjust the soft springs and shock absorbers.

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