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Carr Agos Street reopens this week at Sainsbury's in Upper Brook Ipswich Street | Business


Posted: 13:14 November 17, 2019 Updated: 13:14 November 17, 2019

Argos will reopen in Sinsbury on Upper Brook Street. Picture: ARFANT

Argos will reopen in Sinsbury on Upper Brook Street. Picture: ARFANT


Argos will open the doors to the new Ipswich location this week, just months after closing downtown.

The former Carr Street store will move to the Sinsbury store on Upper Brook Street, opening to the public on Wednesday, November 20 at 9am at the back of the supermarket.

The move comes after Sainsbury's – which acquired the retail street in 2016 – has revealed it plans to close 125 Argos supermarkets and stores in order to cut costs.

The move to the Ipswich store is in line with the five-year plan of the supermarket giants, which are expected to save around £ 500m.

Staff at the former Carr's store will be redeployed to a new location in Sainsbury's.

The closure of the Carr Street store is part of Sinsbury's plans to close up to 70 independent Argos stores and open about 80 in its supermarkets.

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Elsewhere 15 large supermarkets and 40 convenience stores are all set to close, opening the way for the opening of about 10 large stores and 110 outlets.

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