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Brexth Newest: Work confronts WIPE OUT in Peterborough, as voters say 'BREAKFAST BRICS!' | Politics | News

Voters will send mainstream parties tonight, because the Bresita Party is on the verge of history with another victory just two months after its launch. The Voter List, which voted 60.9 percent in the EU referendum in 2016, is historically a bitter battle between labor and conservatives.

But Bresheit's candidate, local entrepreneur Mike Green, is struggling to become the first member of the group's parliament, sighing high on the results of the European elections last month.

Peterborough is hosting additional elections after lonely MP Fiona Onassanja was erected by her constituencies after 19,000 people signed a petition for reminding.

Corporal MP Onasanya was expelled after being imprisoned for lying for an accelerated offense.

Both Labor and Conservatives opposed the June 6th pre-election elections, with labor leader Jeremy Corbin, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Tory Great Guns Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, who visited the city in the lead.

But the Brexit Party, which won 29 seats in the European elections, also campaigned heavily in its first affinity with Westminster headquarters.

The Labor Party and Brexit have climbed to the position as a favorite for bookmakers.

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West Brexit: Workers have been wiped out by the Brexit Party (Picture: GETTY)

10.18 am update: Ford will shut down motor drives next year

The carmaker will close its Brindeng engine plant next year, according to sources of trade unions.

The decision will lead to the loss of 1,700 jobs at the South Wales plant, and more to companies supplying goods and services to the plant.

The news was confirmed at a meeting between the company's officials and union leaders, sources said.

The closure, due in September 2020, is another big blow to the automotive industry.

Ford's official announcement is expected later today.

10.13 pm update: Tori's new leader "to be released on June 23"

Sky News's political editor Beth Rigby wrote a tweet: "NEW: Listen to the first Tory membership announcements on June 22, will be in Birmingham. 23rd New Cabinet on July 24th?"

10.01am update: Farage to send his own team to the United States for Brescht talks

The leader of the Brexhit Party will withdraw his delegation and send him to Washington to sign a trade deal with the United States after he "understands" that Americans have done their homework and have the upper hand in the negotiations.

He talked about his plan after meeting Donald Trump during a three-day state visit to the United Kingdom this week. He said he was amazed at how well Americans are on trade talks – but they think the British government's attitude is "inferior".

The former UKIP leader said: "What was greatly affected during this week was the extent to which the US administration has really invested some thought and hard work in this.

"They really want to do this job.

"And I'm lucky that the British position is largely inferior to that."

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News: Farage wants to send its own team to the United States for Brescht talks (Picture: PA)

9.53 update: The battle to become prime minister becomes awkward

The battle to be the next prime minister has become very ugly as candidates for the Tory crown, rounded to one another.

The Secretary of International Development, Rory Stuart, met with comments from Brexchite's secretary, Dominique Raab, that he could close parliament as prime minister to force it through a net deal Brexit, branding the move potentially "illegal".

And the Labor and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rad, said: "I think it's a shame to consider the prophecies of the parliament. We are not Stuart Kings".

A survey of "Express" asks who is Britain's worst prime minister?

Teresa May will retreat this week, paving the way for the new prime minister of the United Kingdom. But who was the worst in the UK? Vote in our exclusive poll here.

9.11 am update: Michael Guev overtaken in the Tory Leadership Competition

The environmental secretary has overtaken the Tory leadership competition, a survey by ITV Peston claims.

He fell to third place, as Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt took over, according to a survey. Tori's politicians are also supported by soft Breckett MPs and government loyalists. But a survey by 326 Policy shows Mr Hunt falls ahead.

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West Brex: Mike Green outside the church of St. Luke in Peterborough (Picture: PA)

8.56 update: candidates for election candidates in Peterborough

Candidates in the additional elections are:

– Brex Party: Mike Green

– Alliance of Christian Nations: Tom Rogers

– Usually good: stay in the EU: Dick Rogers

– Conservatives: Paul Bristow

– English Democrats: Stephen Goldspin

– Greens: Joseph Wales

– Independent: Andrew Moore

– Independent: Bobbi Smith

– work: Lisa Forbes

– Liberal Democrats: Becky Selik

– Monster Raving Loony: Alan "Howling Laud" Hope

– Update: Peter Ward

– SDP: Patrick O'Connell

– Party of the European Union: Pierre Kirk

– Skip: John Wittie

8.35 update: Tories face "existential crisis"

Hardcore Brexter MP MP Steve Baker has warned that the Tories face an "existential crisis", condemning the retirement agreement negotiated by Teresa May as "dead, dead, dead."

Mr Baker, who advocates leaving the EU on the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), spoke to the House of Commons when it published a new political document published by the Polytechnic Research Center. The document was written by University of Southampton University Professor David Collins and titled EU, UK and Global Trade: A New Road.

The event noted the strengths, including Jacob Rice Mog, former Tory Ein Duncan Smith leader and Euroscepticist John Redwood, as well as dozens of other lawmakers, economists and journalists housed in a packed commission.

Mr Baker, former minister of Brescott and vice president of the European Research Group (ERG), has offered trial support to the current leaders of the candidates Boris Johnson, Dominique Raab and Esther McQueen – without ruling out of the race.

Speaking the day before the election in Peterborough, which bookbacks "Paddy Power" make the favored Brexit 1/7 favorite Nigel Farage to win, Mr. Baker said: "We allowed three years to go with insufficient resolve and understanding." acceptable to go forward like this. "

8.28 pm: Macron introduces Brexit to D-Day commemorations

The French president said the monument would be a symbol of the ties that France and the United Kingdom are committed to.

He said: "Nothing will break anything. Nothing can break the ties associated with bloodshed and common values.

"The debate that is happening today can not influence the strength of our common history and our common future."

President Macron assured Ms. May about his friendship, adding: "Leaders can come and go, but their achievements remain.

"The strength of our friendship will overcome the current events."

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West Brex: Mike Greene can become the first lawmaker of the Brexit Party (Picture: GETTY)

8.22 update: Students support the Brex party

A group of young people support the Brexit party to secure their first lawmaker on Thursday, while Peterborough is hosting historic additional elections.

First-year student and participant in the campaign for the student Brexit group for Express.Cr: "Any threat to stop Breckett is a threat against democracy and is disgusting.

"I vote for the Brexit Party, because I believe in democracy and I believe that Brexit should pass. Whether I am a leftover or a black person, left or right, there is no difference when you know what is right."

A former member of the conservative association, who was too young to vote in the initial election in 2016, supports Liv, a decision that says the government must meet.

Speaking at, she said: "As I finished my GCSE, the results of the vote went in. The country voted to leave.

"The years went on, I sat with my AS trials, not Brexyth, I finished my A-levels, not Brexyth. I'm surprised that I'm now finishing my first year at university and is still debating Brexit.

"Brexit should no longer be an opportunity; it should be secure. People from Britain voted, now it is the government to deliver it."

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