Thursday , October 1 2020

Brexit latest elections and updates to reduce Tory's lead


Farage: tactical voting will make a choice

Nigel Farage is under pressure to pull Brexit party candidates out of the margins by 4pm for just a few hours.

Speaking on Radio 4 Today program, Farage has pushed conservatives to withdraw in the labor field, arguing that Boris Johnson's party would rather risk losing the election than forming an Alliance Leave with its own party.

Asked if he was ready to put Brexit party candidates down for more seats, he said: "It all started in September when I sent a number 10 to a poll that says at their 40 key seats, if I accept it their Conservative candidate, a third of Labor voters in those places would vote Conservative on a one-time basis to make the original Brexit.

He added: "There are very clear places where we are the main challenger and there are other places where they are the main challenger of Labor, and we could make a deal based on that, but the priority for the Conservative party, they don't want the Brexit party to get seats in parliament.

"They would rather risk not winning the election than having a majority of Leave, the Leave Alliance."

According to The telegraphJohansson has offered to put only "paper candidates" at about 40 jobs, promising that the Tories will only do "minimal campaigning" – until the Brexit party retires elsewhere.

But Faraj insisted that the Tories would withdraw completely to these labor strongholds. "They have refused to do so," he told the newspaper.

Farage added that he believes the elections will be resolved by tactical voting. "Ultimately, these elections will be decided by tactical voting decisions across the country."

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