Wednesday , September 23 2020

Bolton Fire: Blaze looks at student dormitories as 'creep to clothes' flame


Two people were injured in a massive fire that overturned a block of student dormitories in Bolton last night.

As many as forty fire engines rushed to the scene, as witnesses described, looking at a "wall of fire".

Huge flames and glasses of smoke were seen bursting from what appeared to be an apartment from the top floor of the student accommodation at Cube.

Paramedics treated the two victims at the scene, including one person rescued by crews via an air platform.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Great Manchester, claims that "not everyone" is considered.

Fire chiefs called on residents to contact their loved ones and tell them they were wise.

Videos from the scene show debris falling from the building while it was still lit as people down the street watched in horror.

Students described having to flee and leave all their belongings in hell.

One eyewitness described the fire as "crawling[ing] upstairs as if it were nothing. "

Ace Leo, 35, told the PA news agency: "The fire was getting stronger, climbing to the right and because the wind was blowing so high.

"We could see it bursting outward and then outward.

The top of the structure turned into a fireball

"A lot of students came out very quickly, some were very shaken and the rest were on phones calling for help.

"The fire got worse and worse, to the extent that it could be seen through the beams, it was just a bare frame."

Bolton University student Shannon Parker, 22, lives in the building.

She told PA: "I was in my room while it was happening. I heard the fire alarm go off, but it was going on, so I thought it was a drill at first, until one of my downstairs yelled down the hallway that it was real fire.

One eyewitness described the fire as "crawling[ing] upstairs as if it were nothing "

Flames and smoke pour out of the building

"So, I left the apartment as soon as possible and saw that it was one of the apartments below mine and we got out of the fire."

She said she had been moved to a nearby hotel or other student building.

Shannon Parker wrote on Twitter: “My student accommodation in Bolton is on fire.

“I'm just sad that they are there for me! But the main thing is I'm out and I'm safe. "

About two dozen fire engines were dispatched to the scene

The footage shows firefighters using aerial equipment to cope with the flames flowing from nearly every window on the top floor of the building.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: "About 200 firefighters have dealt with the fire, with 40 fire engines, three air platforms and other specialized equipment in use.

"Six fire engines are currently on the scene as firefighters settle their last few pockets.

"Road closures remain in force and people are being asked to stay away from the area."

The fire department has confirmed that the response has been reduced because the fire is under control.

One witness described the scene as a "wall of fire" on Twitter, adding: "Really shocking, the student building has completely burned in flames."

Firefighters worked overnight to suppress the flames

A jet of water is spreading towards the building from above

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Another witness wrote: “It has been standing outside for a long time now, many sirens can be heard, but only fire engines so far. The building is so missing. "

Greater Manchester police said: "We are currently dealing with a Bradshawgate incident and have a number of road closures in place.

"Please avoid the area until further warning. Thank you for the cooperation."

One eyewitness, Dominic Walsh, said people were sheltering in the Balmoral pub as emergency crews dealt with the blaze.

Professor George E. Holmes DL, president and deputy chancellor of the University of Bolton, said: "Supporting the well-being of our students is our number one priority and we have moved quickly to help in any way possible.

Two people were treated at the scene by a paramedic

"University colleagues worked overnight to make sure there was support for the students over the weekend.

"We helped ensure that students were given temporary alternative accommodation in Orlando student dorms and some hotels in Bolton.

"We have also agreed to provide necessary facilities, such as toilets for all affected students, and open the University over the weekend so that students can be supported. We will also provide food for them.

"I would like to point out that the cube is not owned by Bolton University. Ownership is managed by the private owner and students were not in our premises during this incident. "

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