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Best Black Friday Deals 2019 | Argos, Johnson Lewis and Curry offers


It is again that time of year when the nights get colder, the days get shorter and many catch a feverish shopping blunder advantage until Black Friday.

American Deal Day is firmly cemented in the UK calendar, largely thanks to pre-Christmas sales being one of the best times to get an early gift as online and high street stores are lowering their prices.

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving, but instead of being limited to one day, the event is now much longer, with deals starting this month. The main event on Black Friday starts the week before and runs exactly through the weekend to Monday, now known as Cyber ​​Monday.

There is also a growing list of retailers, with all Argos, John Lewis and Curry participating with offers on everything from technology to toys, fashion and holidays.

We've rounded up what to expect from the big brands below.

As soon as the first batch of Black Friday deals is released, we'll update this page, so make sure you're checking for updates.


The high street store is always guaranteed to offer discounts on a range of products. Argos lowers almost everything from TVs to laptops, toys to home. Get up early and sign up for an email list to find out about bargains as they go down (or check here!). Argos also has a Black Friday page dedicated to current offers.

If you're thinking of buying a TV or any other great ticket item this Black Friday, you may want to sign up for your Argos card. The card comes with three to 12 months credit plans. Argos also has its own crazy code deals that run from November to December with a new code offering a discount on certain articles published every Tuesday.

Check out our full list of forecasts for Argos Black Friday deals.

SAN DIEGO, CA - November 25: Customers purchase electronics products during Black Friday at the Best Products Store on November 25, 2011, San Diego, California. Thousands of consumers are waiting in stores across the country to take advantage of Black Friday deals as the holiday shopping season begins in America. (Photo: Sandy Schaffaker / Getty Images)


Amazon wants to boost its Black Friday deals and this year will be no different. Warm the heels on Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer will have more discounts over the weekend on Black Friday at Cyber ​​Monday on everything from technology to TVs, laptops to books and toys. We have already made predictions for our deals on Amazon Black Friday.

Last year, Cyber ​​Monday was, in fact, the biggest day of buying the company in all of Amazon's history, according to its own press release.

If you are wondering what to keep our pages for, here is the Amazon Echo Dot. Last year, there were discounts on many of Amazon's own products, such as the Echo range, with over 30 pounds off Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) and 10 pounds on Echo Dota (3rd General). ) and "Echo Plus". The latest products are unlikely to be discounted, but if you are happy with the older genes, then it is worth signing up for Black Friday.

Kindles are also a safe bet with Paperwhite (currently £ 89.99) – last year it had £ 50 or five monthly payments of £ 18, which is a huge savings. AirPods also always sell well, the Wireless Case Kit is currently 169 pounds, which is 30 less than RRP already, but expect more on Black Friday.

The iPhone 11 has just made its way onto the scene, so there are no offers there, but check out previous models like the iPhone XR and iPhone XS for discounts on the day. Samsung will also launch the action – Samsung S10 and S9. Amazon Refurbished, recycled phones also have cheaper cell phones with a one year warranty.

Sales of hidden gems have now begun, with offers running until November 12th and already part of Amazon for Black Friday deals. We have a look at the best tips in our early deals deal on Amazon.


TalkTalk announced an early contract for Black Friday Fiber Broadband, including TalkTalk TV and Amazon Prime's year, at just £ 25.95 a month (£ 40). The brand also offers discounts early on in its entertainment activities, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. TalkTalk's super-fast broadband with TalkTalk TV and Amazon Prime is also now £ 28.95 a month (previously £ 45). Buy BlackT Friday deals on TalkTalk here.

On Lewis

Department stores are a great place to secure Black Friday deals and Johnsons Lewis is there when it comes to announcing big tech product deals. Johnon Lewis also has a Black Friday page.

If you are looking for a laptop, sound system like Sonos or gadgets for your home, you will have a lot to choose from. On Lewis also confirmed that there will be many discounts on a wide range of brands this year. It also has the promise of Never Knowing Insidious, which basically means comparing its prices every day with other brands, even on Black Friday.

We have a page full of forecasts for Friday's Lewis Black Friday deals.


Curry is a great Black Friday check-in spot if you're looking for the latest gaming consoles, whether it's the Nintendo Switch or the PS4 Pro. The PS4 has been slashed to reduce its price as the chatter around the upcoming PS5 picks up, so expect a competitive war. Watch the price drop of the X Box One X, also the most powerful gaming console. If you are wondering how to get the best price for the day, Curry is a safe bet. The store has a promise of price competition. Last year, Caris responded to prices from high street retailers, including Amazon.

Curry also lets you create your own Black Friday wishlist on your website so you can track the products you want throughout the event. We will also be adding the best offers on this site, so remember to check your Black Friday advantage.

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Mobile phones.co.uk

The retailer by phone has had several early flash deals before Black Friday with the drop in the price of the Apple iPhone XS 64GB up to £ 210 in advance, £ 35 a month for 45 GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts – the deal ends Wednesday. Or it has the Samsung Galaxy S10 128 GB Prism Silver for 99 upfront and £ 38 a month, 45 GB, unlimited texts and minutes. Buy mobile phones.co.uk here.


GAME has also confirmed that it will offer discounts and offers this year. The store was a great place to reach out to big game consoles last year, including the XBox One. Look out for this year's PS4 and Nintendo Switch offers right up to Cyber ​​Monday. The game retailer also offers an email service to let you know about the best deals on its Black Friday page.

For those looking for Christmas gifts, GAME last year offered several bundle offers like the PS4 with Fifa 19, which was cheaper than Amazon's. It is worth watching. Check out our predictions for GAME's Black Friday deals.


The AO has already published Black Friday tips as it prepares bids for electric products. If you're in the market for a new kitchen appliance or sound system for your home, check back. AO is online so there are no past combatants hunting for a washing machine or TV. The products are also delivered in time slots of your choice, with some shipping qualifications the next day.

.There are offers on phones, televisions, game consoles and devices in AO.com's Black Friday deals.


Deals on iPhone, iPads, Macbooks and Apple Watch will be some of the biggest deals for this Black Friday. We already know what to expect based on previous years. While Apple itself cannot put pressure on Black Friday retailers, they rejoice that they have reduced the price of the tech giant's products. AirPods sold well last year, and Amazon had several deals for Apple products such as the Watch. There is little caution here, the Apple Watch Series 5 is brand new to deal with, and Apple has now stopped selling the Series 4.

If we can give you some advice, the Apple Store tends to have a one-day event on November 29th this Black Friday, but it's best to wait for other retailers. In previous years, Apple has offered gift cards instead of lowering prices, while online retailers and retailers have been making deals and offers.

MacBook 2

The sky

While Black Friday is still a month away, Sky already has offers and deals available on Sky TV, broadband and mobile. The provider imposes what it calls the best price on Sky TV and Netflix in all packages in one package (300 channels, Netflix on Sky Q) down from 34 to 25 pounds per month for 18 months. The set price is £ 20.

If you're a fan of the movie, there's Sky, Netflix and Sky Cinema all in HD for £ 35 a month for 18 months reduced by £ 50. Additionally a price of £ 20 is set.

Sky TV, Netflix and unlimited broadband optical fiber and free Sky Talk Anytime are also reduced from £ 71 to £ 45 a month for 18 months. The set price is £ 39.95.

Sky has extra extras that are more than a bonus when you sign up, such as Spotify Premium for free for three months.

See our Sky Black Friday deal guide for our forecasts and current offers.


Mobile phone retailers will also join the action. EE often offers good deals on smartphones and SIM deals. This year has been offering SIM-only phones, tablets and plans, so if your deal ends, it might be worth checking out. EE also has a dedicated Black Friday page and newsletter. We have outlined a few phones that we should look for in our forecasts of Black Friday EE deals.

British Airways

British Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year so it can have good offers to reflect on. The airline made headlines last year with two business class offerings for 2018 pounds. It was a really good price but the deal was restrictive. If you're looking for a bit of a luxury flight, it might be worth a look at this year's British Airways cover offer, just remember to check out the Terms and Conditions before you do. There is nothing worse than realizing that you cannot fly on the dates for which the deal was concluded. If you're ready to hunt around the site, there will be some good deals and offers, maybe more for short flights and upgrades.

Christmas Holidays also offers Black Friday deals on its dedicated page, TUI and First choice bundle options and easyJet bring their bids to Cyber ​​Monday. Ryanair faced industrial action this year, but expect to see a few more sales. Norwegian Airlines it also has a stable year, so if you are looking for a low-cost long-haul it is a good idea to check it out. Just remember to check the flight prices before Black Friday for a fair comparison.

This year, deals are a little more unpredictable in the wake of Thomas Cook's collapse. Hotels and resorts will have empty spaces that they want to fill so they can have deals from those brands. Chase Travel bought most of Thomas Cook's stores, so it's worth checking them out. Destination wise, watch out for Spain, which was particularly affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook.

There's also always Booking.com and Expedia, if you're open to looking at different locations.


Boots will announce their Black Friday offers in three phases and have launched a collection of exclusive offers. The retailer will launch Early Access a week before Black Friday 2019. There are several good offers already at Soap & Glow Beauty-Full House Cosmetics (it was £ 58 now £ 25), and the Travel Bag and Brush Set Spectrum (now £ 25) and Mark Hill RAW Straight & Curl 2 in 1 Straightener ( was £ 49.99 now £ 24.99). Bids will run until December 3, December – Cyber ​​Monday is December 2 this year.

Black Friday and weekend boots offer will be revealed in the next two weeks. We'll keep you updated on some of the best images.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday is November 29, 2019, but offers and early deals will start anytime from now until the event. Larger deals and offers will be announced in two weeks' time and will continue until next Monday, known as Cyber ​​Monday. Amazon Black Friday contracts lasted 10 days.

Can I return items that I buy on Black Friday?

Most of us will buy impulses during the Black Friday period, but before those packages arrive, it turns out that the customer's regret is worth reading the retail refund policy from which you buy. Legally, you have the same rights to refund defective items purchased for sale as you do when you buy them at full price. If you want to return an item for another reason then different rules may apply. The retailer may also ask to see proof of purchase, so keep your accounts if you shop. If you need repair or replacement, take your warranty and guaranteed with you, you do not need to be legal, but it is always good to have one.

If you shop online, "distance selling" applies, which basically means you can cancel your order if the product is defective. You only need to contact the retailer within 14 days of product arrival. You should not give a reason when it comes to "distance selling". Send the product within 14 days, and the payment must be with you within 14 days of arrival on retail.

If you no longer want an item, say it is the wrong size or wrong size, then you may be refused a refund.

Check out this guide to the best Black Friday deals for up-to-date event offers.

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