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Barcelona 6-1 Sevilla (Ag: 6-3): Barça in the Copa del Rey semi-finals

Barcelona won the Copa del Rey in the past four years

Barcelona beat the defender in the first match of both goals when he beat Sevilla to reach the Copa del Rey semi-final.

Sevilla, the winners of 2-0 in the first game, went behind the penalty of Filip Coutinho, before Essen Banega to rescue Barcelona's Jasper Silesen.

Ivan Rakic ​​went in for a second, Kutinho was in third place, and Sergi Roberto gave Barça 4-2 the overall lead.

Gilmerme Arana has withdrawn for Sevilla, but the great goals of Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi have sealed the victory.

He finished 6-1 in the second match at Camp Nou because the carriers ended with a 6-3 aggregate win to join Valencia and Real Betis in the last four.

In the fourth quarter-final match, Real Madrid travel to Girona on Thursday, which leads 4-2 from the first match.

How the goals entered

  • 1-0, Coutinho (Barcelona, ​​13 min.). Messi goes on the pitch under the challenge of Quincy Promes, players claim that Messi attacked the pitch, instead of having contact, but the referee gave him the penalty, and Coutinho had punched Juan Juan Soriano.
  • Missing penalty, Banega (Sevilla, 26 min.). Gerard Pique lowered Roque Mesa, but Sylesen rebelled on the left to make a penalty for the penalty kick from Banega.
  • 2-0, Rakitic (Barcelona, ​​31 min). Five minutes after the missed penalty of Sevilla, Arthur plays through the ball, and Rakitic manages to reach the heels to forgive him from Soriano.
  • 3-0, Coutinho (Barcelona, ​​53 min.). Suarez crosses on the right, and Coutinho, a sprinter to the nearby post, gets ahead of his marker and strikes.
  • 4-0, Sergio Roberto (Barcelona, ​​54 minutes). Messi slides perfectly ball on Roberto's track and prolongs it before Soriano.
  • 4-1, Arana (Sevilla, 67 min.). Cillessen's unsuccessful license falls on a player in Seville and in the end it comes to Arna, who shoots in the net.
  • 5-1, Suárez (Barcelona, ​​89 min.). While Sevilla needs one goal to go ahead in the goals, they push men forward for the corner, but the counter-attack in Barcelona sees Suarez fitting from the cross of Jordi Alba.
  • 6-1, Messi (Barcelona, ​​93 min.). Messi completes the final one-touch move, which includes four players to seal the victory.

Elsewhere on Wednesday, Betis beat Espanyol 3-1 after the extra time to finish the 4-2 win.

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