Wednesday , October 27 2021

Aston Villa chief, Dean Smith, was impressed by how Frank Lampard communicates his message


On the one hand, the head of Villa took first hand the effectiveness of former England as a messenger, after hiring him as a motivational speaker.

Two years ago Smith, responsible for Brentford, invited Lampard to talk to his players.

The Chelsea legend, whose Rams team intends to extend the series of six duels without a defeat, when Villa arrives tomorrow in Pride Park, has certainly had a positive impression.

"When you meet Frank, he has a really good path to him," Smith said. "He understands the game and what it takes to get to the top, just like him.

"And he expresses it well." You see at the moment how he wants to play, he is doing very well with the players, they (Derby) show what a good team is. "

Smith continued: "Usually, we did it quite regularly, we got someone from another sport or someone from the top of the game.

"I know my dad, Frank Sr, for a long time, I asked him if he could contact Frank to see if he would come in and talk to the players.

"Frank then kindly came and talked with all the players and staff and he was really good.

"He spoke about his career, his way to the place he reached and how he sees where he is going in the future.

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"He just started training at Chelsea with younger players, it was great when my players heard from someone who had a career and how hard he worked to get there."

Former commandant Royal Marine Jason Fox and rugby coach Ben Ryan were among the other speakers who visited Brentford during Smith's term.

It is a policy whose main trainer is always interested in discovering new methods and ideas, and now intends to continue in Villa. The first pair of speakers are already in the queue, although their identity is kept secret.

Smith added: "There are a few people I have in store, and in my opinion it would be really good to go in because players listen and ask questions, I think it's important that they ask questions.

"One of the things that we started doing in Brentford, and I would like to do it here is to visit other sports, and then return and present to employees and players.

"It's a good practice and you can have ideas from other sports and clubs."

Lampard had his first management break in the summer, and Rams, who are fifth in the Championships, have won recognition for their attack-style game and are sure to represent the most difficult test for the reign of Smith & # 39; s Villa.

Numerous threads are in the game, because Villa tries to protect three games from losing the streak away from home, and especially the presence in the dudger of a former colleague from Chelsea, John Terry & # 39; from Chelsea.

Smith joked about how the former international teammates called each other during the week trying to discover the team of the other team.

"It will be special for all of them because they spent so much time together in one club," Smith said.

"Going alone will be very interesting for each of them."

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