Saturday , September 26 2020

Asteroid News: Apofid's "God of Chaos" asteroid will definitely hit Earth on this date | Strange News


Michael Horn, a research scientist, dismissed NASA's research and said they were incorrect about their estimates of the path of the Apophis asteroid "God of Chaos." NASA has estimated that the asteroid – full name 99942 Apophis – will deplete Earth in 10 years and has already begun preparations for the study of space rock once it approaches Earth. While insisting that the asteroid will definitely hit the planet, Mr Horn claims his team has reduced the location of impact between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

In an interview with, Michael Horn explained that he and his research team were convinced of their findings and argued that it was imperative that world leaders be prepared to repel the space rock.

He said: "Apophis will hit Earth either on April 13, 2029 or in April 2026, if they do not move.

"For sure, Apophis will affect the Earth between the North Sea and the Black Sea on April 13, 2029, less than 10 years, or April 13, 2036.

"I have a tremendous amount of information to date, over 250 specific examples of what I would like to call prophetically accurate scientific information from the source."

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Mr. Horn's name Mathematician Harry Lear and former NASA aerospace engineer Matthew Wieszkiewicz as key members of his research team.

Mr Horne, who also represents olfactory Billy Meier, believes the asteroid will crash the Earth, releasing gases that could kill millions of people despite the devastating impact.

During the interview, he also referred to the comic strip illustrating Billy Meir's supposed discovery of the asteroid Apophis before NASA entitled "The Adventures of Billy Meier".

Although NASA remains confident that the asteroid will not hit the planet in the next flight of the planet in 10 years, they consider it a potentially dangerous asteroid (PHA).

Apophis is one of the largest asteroids that passes so close to Earth's surface, and the collision with the planet has the potential to be fatal to life on Earth.

The asteroid is set to get closer to Earth than communications and time satellites in orbit. Most satellites in Earth's orbit are geostationary orbits 36,000 km away from the planet.

Apophis travels nearly 25,000 kilometers per hour, which means a small departure from its trajectory could be catastrophic.

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