Thursday , September 24 2020

Anthem reportedly stands for major overhaul as BioWare tries to restart its troubled game •


Since its difficult launch in February, online shooter Bitovar Antomna has struggled to turn its story into a positive one, especially in light of the continuing difficulties in developing and leaving high-profile team members. However, despite persistent speculation that BioWare and publisher EA may quietly abandon the game, the investor is reportedly now seeking a massive overhaul of the experience ready for a future reboot.

According to Kotaku's Koteyson Fraser, plans to overhaul the troubled archer have been in the works for some time. Eurogamer had previously heard a similar word from its sources.

Kotaku says the project is also referred to as "Anthem Next" and "Anthem 2.0" and as the names suggest, the scope of BioWare's planned plans is substantial, with the investor reportedly leaving a little intact. Changes in looting, quests, difficulty, progression, the world map, social elements, and maybe even the whole structure of the game, have been deceived.

According to one source, BioWare teams in both Austin and Edmonton have spent months "just tearing [Anthem] down and realize what was going to change fundamentally (a lot). "It has been said that the work of implementing these changes took months.

Although the specifics are still hazy (a source said there is "a lot of testing and experimenting, but nothing concrete yet"), one person told Kotaku that BioWare might try to split its map into smaller pieces allow the team to play around with everyone more freely, without the constant worry of making mistakes throughout the map.

In addition, it is contemplating "what the mission is technically," which can see the Anthem abandon the need to return to Fort Tarsis at the end of each quest to better integrate the different parts of the game.

There is currently no timetable for the arrival of Anthem 2.0, but discussions are still on how such a major overhaul could be delivered.

Options include smaller updates to the current game over an extended period of time or as a major update, and are reportedly even rumored to be launching as a brand new game, though not one that current players are expected to pay full price for.

In a recent update to the community, BioVer's live services chief Chad Robertson told fans that the investor had heard their "concerns about the basic Anthem topics and that they are acting on it," but resolving these points would be needed " more detailed overview and repetition working [of systems] versus rapid repairs, "concurring with today's report.

However, with no official word on the potential reboot of Anthem, it may be some time before we know whether the reports of the game's demise have really been overblown.

As for other BioWare projects, Kotaku reports, perhaps surprisingly with Andromeda's admission, that a new mass-action game is in "very early development" at the studio's Edmonton office, with longtime producer Mike Gamble saying it serves. as a director. Meanwhile, work continues on the previously announced Dragon Age 4.

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