Thursday , September 24 2020

Announced Path of Exile 2, but it's not a separate game


The Road to Exile 2 was announced today at ExileCon, the big show currently taking place in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite the title, it is not really a new game, but an expansion that also completely renovates the basic game in the process.

The Road to Exile 2 will add a new story with seven ranks taking place 20 years after the end of the current game. Will will overhaul many of the game's basic systems and rewrite the mechanics of each of the seven game classes. It also gets great visual processing with physics-based rendering. For example, the arrows will bounce off some surfaces and glue on others depending on what they are made of.

The Path of Exile 2 characters will use the same "class archetypes" as those of the original game, but you'll have to create a new one to play the new story. PoE2 characters can choose from 19 new ascendance classes that differ from the old ones, which will still be available in the original Exile Path campaign. Fortunately, all of your cosmetics will continue, because it all exists within one ecosystem.

The Road to Exile 2 is still a long way off: Grinding Gear Games has said it will probably not start beta testing until very late in 2020. For the foreseeable future, Exile Road expansions will continue to be published on their regular quarterly schedule, with content also available in Exile Road 1 and 2 campaigns.

Our man Steven is on the scene in New Zealand and will have a much deeper account of what will happen soon. In the meantime, you can find out more at, and check out the significantly enhanced Exile 2 Road in action in the 14-minute video game below.

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