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Alex Neal: "I Never Wanted To Leave Here" – News

Preston North End manager Alex Neal spoke about his relief by ending speculation about his future after putting a pen on paper for a new three-year deal in Deepdale.

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In a statement to iFollow PNE before Liverpool's Liverpool Liverpool Ipswich Town, the chief began a conversation with his new contract and the fact that he can now return to concentrating on trying to do whatever the club can take forward.

"It's just a relief that's packaged as much as anything else," he said. "I said a bit about it. I made it quite clear that I never wanted to leave here.

"Unfortunately, sometimes football speculation comes and people make assumptions and make lots of conversation based on very little evidence.

"Behind the scenes, Peter and I are talking a lot about the future of the club, we are talking a lot about my future, how we see things go ahead, what we are trying to do, and nothing really changed.

"It's just about making sure that we get the best chance of being successful in the coming years, and for that we need support, we need to make sure that we try to move things and keep them ahead .

"When you are a manager, you can not do this yourself, you need support, and that's a key thing.

"The club showed me such support and I'm really grateful. I am really pleased that everyone is in bed. I think you are sometimes caught in a situation without a win and I think I was there at the weekend.

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"Of course, I wanted to go to the fans and see them after the match, but then it would look like I said good-bye.

"I thought it would be better to keep my dust in the dust, to choose the road, to solve it. Before my players I told my players that I would meet Peter the next day.

"They should not think that I worked on my way out the door after the end of the game, so I made it quite clear. However, I think it distracts me, I think it distracts me from the game. Who is probably just natural, we are human for these things.

"I'm just delighted that it's over. I'm thrilled to have had my future here and really believe in what we are doing here. So I wanted to stay."

With four games to go, the head of Lilywhites wants to complete the high-level campaign, but also build for the next season, and part of it might involve giving players the chance to show what the next team can offer year.

"I think now, the players do not look very likely," continued Alex. "We want to try and finish the season well, but there are equally similar things that we should probably turn our attention to next year.

"I think it will be crucial, we want to make sure that the next season starts better than this season, for example, because we started really bad and gave us a mountain for a true climb. We almost got there, but that poor start really made it difficult .

"We also need to understand where some of the boys are there and give them time to try to get a sense of where they are and basically planning to give themselves a chance to be successful this season.

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"I will not name names in terms of who can play or may not play and at the moment we do not have great options, we are limited, but I think these games are important.

"We've been in a poor race in the past few weeks, we played second, third, and fourth in a week, which is extremely difficult." "I think the game against Sheffield United could go any way, probably we had better chances than they did against Leeds we responded to them until we lost a player and I think the West Brom's game became a little circus.

"Now we just need to turn our attention to the next few matches and I hope we will finish the season and we will see next year to try to get ready. We need to build on what we have done."

Returning to winning ways in Good Friday, it would not be easy, because despite their position in the race, Tractors Boys impressed the PNE manager in recent weeks.

"We did a little homework for them this morning, of course there are teams in the league that we watched, which are not as good as them.

"You can see that they have clear patterns of play, you can see that they have some decent players, so this is quite a difficult game. They simply run out of time basically, but they will want to finish the season well and come straight to the next year.

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"I'm not quite sure how they react [to being relegated]; I just have been involved in relegation once as a trainer – it's a sense of a bizarre. Disappointment, uncertainty like everything else.

"I am sure a few of their boys will feel that way. All types and stresses that are felt in recent months – worried about their position and where they will be. But now, it's gone, they understand where they are now. dealing with as much as anything else. Sometimes it can be quite relieved.

"I imagine Paul [Lambert] will now start looking ahead in the next season and thinking "now, we should give ourselves the best opportunity to go back next year".

"I think that as a coach you should start doing it, it's crucial that you give yourself the best chances on the line, because, as we know, this is about what you do next. Sometimes I think you need to you have forethought and plan for it, "he added.

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