Tuesday , June 22 2021

Activists detained after boarding a tanker from Spain

JAPAN, Indonesia – Greenpeace claims that six of its activists boarded a tanker transporting Indonesian palm oil in the Bay of Cadiz and was detained by the captain after developing the banners "Save our rainforest" and "Drop Dirty Palm Oil".

The ship tracking page shows that Stolt Tenacity, which according to Greenpeace transports palm oil from Wilmar International associated with the destruction of tropical forests in Indonesia, was obliged to Rotterdam.

Greenpeace claims that activists from Indonesia, Germany, the UK, France, Canada and the US are being held in the cabin on the ship.

Palm oil is used in a huge range of consumer goods from makeup to snacks. Wilmar supplies Mondelez, a producer of Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolate.

Greenpeace said the Captain of the Tenacity Capital was informed in advance that the protest that took place on Saturday would be calm.

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