Sunday , April 18 2021

A quantum breakthrough can lead to a "super-powered" hard drive

While the world focused on Avenger's latest film, an international team of scientists potentially unlock superpowers of another famous Marvel: Magneto.

Researchers at the Argon National Laboratory, Auckland University in Michigan and the University of China have discovered a quantum explorer that has the potential to give engineers more control over the magnetic properties of certain metals. Experimental observations were discovered through testing with the same type of metal used to store data in hard disk drives.

In essence, scientists have noticed a quantum effect that reveals the potential for control of certain qualities of metasinized metal by turning electrons in one direction or another. As far as this is, the potential for faster storage and retrieval of information and larger amounts of data stored in smaller spaces.

Argon, researcher Argon Hoffman, co-author of the study, told Phys.Org:

In technical terms, we found a significant effect of magnetic cushioning in layers of cobalt-iron alloyed nano-layers coated on one side of the magnesium oxide substrate.

Magnetic cushioning is responsible for the different qualities of magnetic field engineers who use metal alloys in storage devices, manage magnetic motors and work with certain types of braking devices. Through the use of the newly discovered turning technique – which will replace or increase traditional baking methods – scientists believe they can achieve a significant leap in our ability to control magnetic fields – as they relate to these specific metal alloys.

According to the team's research work:

Our results provide new insights into the metallic ferromagnet absorption mechanism, which are important for optimizing the dynamic properties of future magnetic devices.

Spin is like mass or charge, it's a property that all electrons have. Control of this component of quantum physics brings an unprecedented promise for engineers, chemists and physicists. Beyond its use as a means of controlling magnetism, it also shows promise as a method of separating water atoms, in order to provide hydrogen for energy-efficient fuel, while suppressing the unwanted by-product of hydrogen peroxide. And there are probably other strange hypothetical ways for physicists of the future to use the electronic spin to do science-fiction, such as tunneling or building core drives.

For now, it's pretty amazing that a team of researchers managed to find a way to put a brand new spin of technology decades old behind modern hard drive drives. We hope this research will appear and we will end up with cheaper, more efficient hard drives working on quantum magic.

H / t: Phys.Org

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