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Zlata Ognevic said she was the man who attacked her

The famous Ukrainian singer, Zlata Ognevich, who was attacked the first day of spring, said she could find out about her rapist. This singer said in one of the well-known Ukrainian television programs.

According to Zlata, the attacker persecuted her entire family for more than two years.

"He followed me with me and my family for more than two years … This time he followed me to the entrance. I got out of the car in the middle of the night, a terrible face appeared in front of me … This man grabbed his hand, started a hack, a call for help, and my driver saw it, jumped out of the car and grabbed it. Then, we called for the guard, "said the actress.

She also noted that the attacker was "an inadequate and aggressive man who was constantly arrested for minor crimes".

It's worth noting that, in every probability, this guy works in a taxi service, so many people endanger daily sitting in his car.

Zlata Ognevic stressed that she immediately understood that the attacker had mental problems, because the man is convinced that the actress is his wife.

"He wants to talk and emphasize that he is my husband, there are such fantasies! .. The lawyer explained: until he made an attempt on me, then there is no law in our country that will protect me" – added the singer.

As reported earlier, the famous Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich, who represented Ukraine at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2013, attacked near her house.

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