Wednesday , November 13 2019
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ZAZ Universal – a unique car for sale online

The only ZAZ is sold online - one of a kind -

An interesting version of ZAZ came up for sale. The compact car is on display in Lithuania for the price of £ 3,000. The ZAZ's unique station wagon has a special bodywork design, fitted with a 54-horsepower diesel engine.

The seller calls his car ZAZ 968MDW 1982 and claims to be in excellent condition.

The owner of the car is ready to deliver a rare Zaporizhets wagon (1982 edition) to any country in the European Union or the UK.

It was noted that the ZAZ 968 three-door carriage did indeed exist. It was called "Ray" and was published in several copies, but no official information is available.

Recall that the Zaporizhzhya (ZZ) automotive plant will begin producing juvenile A09 suburban buses on the Mercedes-Benz chassis by the end of 2019.

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