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Xiaomi Watch Redmi ready-made company

Mi Watch

After all, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has come to life in a very similar way to the Redmi companies. Redmi Watch is ready to go.


Lou Weibing, general manager of Redmi brand, posted a microblog on the Weibo platform, which included the following: «How to download Redmi Watch? Am I looking forward to Redmi's class? ». What seems to be not an official subversion, but a "live" eye for it, as the brand's watch is almost unavailable.

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Vpros Lu Wejbinga

And I know – Redmi product that hurts the available version of Xiaomi product. Such as notebooks, and smart TVs, and more than one hour, can only be watched.

I haven't been notified about the Redmi Watch yet, but it is a very good idea, as it comes down to the sound of the Mi Watch. But coming soon for those eSIM subscribers, there is a rechargeable battery pack producing a software failure, as well as the Mi Watch – MIUI clock, based on Android WearOS.

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