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Xiaomi Me band 4 shocked millions of buyers

Many people on Earth no longer represent their lives without all kinds of electronics that can be worn. Someone actively uses a smart watch on a daily basis, and someone wants more sports bracelets. For all lovers of the latter, in just a few weeks, will be the official announcement of the novelty in the face of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which can boast of the latest technical equipment, support for new technologies and affordable price. All these advantages will make a novelty highly sought after by customers.

Today, May 18, 2019, valuable information emerged on how to meet fitness trackers Xiaomi Mi Band 4, a handheld device from a famous Chinese brand. It's impossible not to notice that Mi Band 3, released last year by this manufacturer, now occupies more than 50% of the entire electronics market, indicating its popularity. The new model will be better in all respects, and one of the secrets of its success lies in much more advanced "hardware", which will make it more like a "smart" clock.

As it became known, the new generation tracker has a built-in microphone, and it is necessary to give the bracelet various commands using voice. For example, you can say "Set the alarm at 7:30" or "Begin the training mode". There will be several hundred teams, and they will even touch the management of music playback. It is understood that for this, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will need to be connected to a smartphone based on the Android or iOS operating system, but in the latter, it is likely to have fewer opportunities.

To take full advantage of the new gadget, you need to install a program called Mi Fit on your mobile device, which is necessary to gain full control over the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. In addition to the voice command feature, capable of running even without an internet connection, the new bargain generation will be able to control play music, adjust the volume and send SMS messages by typing in the voice. It remains only to wait for the publication of new items, which is scheduled for mid-June.

Not long ago it became known that the published photos of "killer" leader Xiaomi blew the Internet.

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