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when the era leaves –

Legend played in the last game.

United striker United Wayne Rooney has recently entered the field of the legendary Wembley in the England team shirt. It was a special – a farewell match.

Rooney officially announced the end of his national team career last fall, four rounds before the end of the World Cup selection. During the World Cup Wayne did not play and did not become part of the team that achieved the best result in the last many, many years.

Most fans of Rooney, or the national team of England, have already seen that the attacker will no longer play the "three lions" shirt. But the farewell match of Manchester United and Everton's former footballer forced many to remember the days when the British with big players and very young Rooney were considered tournament favorites, but could not even reach the semi-finals or the moment Rooney became the top scorer in history national team.

Remember how it was, like Wayne Rooney in the England team.

First match First record

He made his debut in the national team Wayne & # 39 ;, Rooney in a friendly match against Australia on February 12, 2003, replacing him during the break. His debut immediately brought a record for the national team – never before had such a young player played for the English. At that time Wayne was only 17 years old and 110 days old.

Three years later, his record for 36 days will be defeated by Theo Walcott, who has not become such a large figure for the national team as Wayne.

Let's get back to the match with Australians. "Shrek" entered the field with the score 2: 0 in favor of the opponent and in the 69th minute helped his team to lower the score. Rooney saw the runner on Jenas's flank, gave the midfielder a pass, and the ball handed it over to Frances Jeffers.

The goal of the debut

The first match in the England team ended in defeat for Wayne & # 39; but after that there was a series of six wins in a row. September 6, 2003. The national team "three lions" met with Macedonia as part of the selection for Euro 2004 on the road.

Rooney has already played in the sixth national team match, for the third time is the basis of the pair, in combination with another not-too-high striker Michael Owen.

The British missed the first after half an hour of the game, but before the break they could not even out the result. From the beginning of the second half, to help Owen and Rooney, the textured Emil Heskey appeared, and after just eight minutes the attacker threw the ball under the blow of a young partner, and Wayne immediately jumped from the penalty shot.

Rooney was the youngest goal keeper in the team's history.

I wonder if anyone guessed that this particular goal would become the first brick in a building called the England record in Bombon.

Euro 2004

At the European Championships, the 18-year-old boy rode as a basic competitor. He left the first team in all team matches in the tournament. In the first match, the British lost to France, but in the next two defeated Switzerland (3: 0) and Croatia (4: 2), and Rooney scored two goals in these matches.

Well, where without the next album? Rooney was the youngest player to score at the European Championships. It is true that this album lasted only 4 days and was beaten by Johan Fonlantin from Switzerland.

Who knows, maybe England will be able to win the European Championships if not because of an injured attacker. In the quarterfinals against Portugal, Rooney suffered injuries in the middle of the first half when his team won and was replaced by Emile Heskey. The British then lost one of the most interesting penalty kicks in history.

World Championship 2006

During this tournament Wayne risked not getting in at all. At the end of the 2005/06 season he suffered an injury – fracture of the metatarsal bone of the foot. At the Sven-Göran World Championships, Eriksen took Rooney, though he still did not recover from the injury. The first match from the group stage forward did not hit.

Against Trinidad and Tobago Rooney received just over half an hour to play, and with Sweden started at the start, but was replaced in the 69th minute. In Ecuador, then team No. 9 in England played the whole match, but, like the whole team, was not impressed.

But in the quarterfinals with Portugal, many remember this in this episode …

… for this action Wayne left the world championship just over an hour earlier than his partners, who again could not beat the Portuguese in a penalty shoot-out.

Terrible European Championships 2008 and 2010

England did not shyly get into the European Championships in 2008 – it can be considered a tragedy. Another big tournament – the World Cup in South Africa, the British under the leadership of Fabio Capello have already passed, and Rooney in the qualifying tournament scored 9 goals at the same time. It was only the World Cup that turned out to be terrible.

The British in the first two games of the group did not win, associated with the United States and Algeria (for which it was the only point in the tournament, while Africans did not even score), but in the last round they still defeated Slovenia and took second place.

And what did the second place mean? Meeting with Bundesmashina in the 1/8 finals, which the British failed. Rooney again did not score in the World Cup.

Ukraine Euro 2012

Goal no. 29 for the national team of England Wayne & # 39; and Rooney in Ukraine, at the Donbass Arena in a match against the hosts of the tournament.

In Ukraine, everyone remembered this fight as a match named Viktor Kashshai. Who did not count with the purpose of Marko Devic. And many have already forgotten that the only goal scored in this match was Wayne Rooney, who banged his head a few centimeters after the mistake of Andriy Pyatov.

100 matches and 50 goals

The 2014 World Cup was the worst tournament in England (except for the lack of Euro 2008). Rooney still managed to distinguish the first (and last) goal in the world championships, but England took the last place in the group without winning a single victory.

Probably in spite of that, the British won all 10 matches in the qualifying round for Euro 2016. Two matches of this cycle became Rooney's anniversary.

November 15, 2014 Rooney left the grid in a match against Slovenia, which became for him the hundredth in the England national team shirt. In this match he scored from the penalty kick – 44 in career.

Less than 10 months later Rooney scored his 49th goal for the national team in the San Marino goal and caught up with the legendary Bobby & # 39; Charlton. Three days later, he is aware of the penalty shot in the Swiss national team and will be the first Englishman in history to score for the "three lions" team.

Euro 2016

Another failed tournament for the British. In the group stage, only one victory was won over Wales, which eventually won the group. Only a draw was made with the Russians and Slovaks.

In the 1/8 finale of the English, a sensational Iceland was waiting for the road to the euro to stop at this stage. So many experts thought, but not the Icelanders themselves.

Rooney scored quickly in this match – 4 minutes after the penalty kick. It was his last goal for the national team in the 115th match. He caught up with the number of fights for the national team with David Beckham.

Later, Rooney will put on five times a shirt with three lions five times (including yesterday's match). No other player played for him more than England.

The legend has disappeared, so the whole era is gone. The last component of a great team of stars, but not a star team that has never been achieved.

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