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What did Hideo Kojima tell him at the Tribeca Film Festival about the suffering of death? – Gambling

Night at the Film Festival Tribeca in New York were made by Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus, who shared some details Deadly.

One of the attendees gathered the key details of the panel on the ResetEra forum.
  • Deadly legs – a thriller in the open world, but with something new for the genre.
  • During his speech, Kojima repeated it links will be an important topic in the game. As a metaphor, he himself cites an internet player, but he will try to connect with someone or something else.
  • The theme of the connections is reflected both in history and in the game – "everything is connected".
  • Kojima could not say much, because then Sony will be unhappy and does not want to "exclude" from it.
  • The connection in some way is similar off: Is it worth it to connect or is it better to stay off? Kojima wants players to ask such questions not only in the game, but in everyday life.
  • Telling a story in an open world is problematic, because the delicate balance between the freedom of the player and the narration must be maintained. To continue the story, you need to go in a certain direction, but Kodima wants players to have the freedom of choice.
  • One of the main reasons why Kojima works with Hollywood actors has become their personal characteristics – the fact that they can bring in the character in the game. Developers can easily create computer heroes, but then they will want limited by their imaginationwhile actual actors can surprise with adding depth.
  • Kojima confirmed that he intends to play games for the rest of his life, and in the next few months we can learn something about Death Stranding.
  • Norman Reddeu said players will cry during the passport because they will be emotionally attached to events and heroes.
Smunding Stranding is created only for PS4 and, according to rumors, can be released already this year.

Hideo Cožima and Robert De Niro in Tribeca

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