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Volochkova fought with Sobchak for Buzova: video, Russian news

An unfortunate Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova sharply criticized TV host Ksenia Sobchak.

So, previously in the air of the show of his author Sobchak, singer Olga Buzova reproached for concerts in the province.

In response, Volochkova recorded and released an Instagram video with anxiety, which she signed: "Ksyucha, come to your senses!" (to watch the video, scroll the news down).

"One is that, with my loyalty and kindness, I sent Ksenia Sobchak openly and hospitably to my house, then tried to slander me, humiliate me, spoil me, it's one. She waved her hand.

But when I learned that he condemns an artist who comes in small towns … with concerts and believes he is low – he is not low! It's just worth it, and myself and I travel to the same villages.", – said Volochkova.

Xenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova

Xenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova

Instagram @ volochkova_art

The ballerina called Sobchak "the main thing in chocolate", "dad's daughter", who achieved everything "thanks to rich parents" and who "has no conscience".

"Are not I ashamed at all? It is your trouble, that you may not be ashamed. You, for what we shine for people in the desert, call us at the bottom … But I want to tell you: at the bottom you are, and you are on this bottom. A flag in your hands"- finished the film.

Recall, the Russian singer Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) also criticized Sobchak for this statement.

In addition, as part of her show, Xenia Sobchak showed the apartment in which Olga Buzova lives. TV presenter noted that the singer's living space is "in Moscow * not Moscow".

As the WRITER writes, earlier Volochkova was upset by Sobchak's actions, who cleaned up their bedroom and found a certain indecent item.

So, Sobchak came to the house of Volochkova, taking off her show. The ballerina also made a tour and took her to the bathroom, where they clattered and remembered the old offenses.

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