Friday , January 22 2021

Vinokur, who filed for divorce, announced his second child :: Show business ::

The daughter of famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur became the star of the show "Mother of the Year". The Baletanka recounted the hard character of her son and her second child.

In 2015, Anastasia Vinokur and her husband, Gregory Matveyevich, became parents. The couple had a son, Fedor. Shortly after the birth of the heir, Anastasia returned to work. The ballet dancer regularly went to the theater, where she practiced and trained, and managed to train her successor. For two years she was breastfed by her son, and they had no nanny.

Vinocourt admitted she dreams of a second child. "You can not predict, but I want to give birth to a girl for a complete set", – said the daughter of the famous humorist. Anastasia made a reservation that this will not happen soon. She explained: "We did not try and did not try, I ate it for a long time, we had a common dream, and I'm not morally prepared for the second one. Especially since Fyodor has a very complex character and I do not imagine there will be another one at the top."

Anastasia often argues with the heir, who often ends up with his insanity. Here's one of the stories. Fedor for a long time could not detect nipples. What measures did Anastasia not take to distract the child, but everything was useless. "The last straw was the feast of his godfather Timati, when Timur saw that Fyodor still goes with a wart, shame me." I came up with a legend about the disappearance of nipples, and after a few bouts we forgot about it, "Vinokur said.

The humorist's daughter is not ready to give birth now because she is afraid to get out of the theater's life. According to Anastasia, the age of the ballerina is so short, and she wants to dance. However, there is an alternative version: information has emerged that Vinokur filed for divorce, and the Moscow court Presnenski confirmed this information. However, in the interview, Anastasia Vinokur did not say anything about breaking up with her husband – on the contrary, she thanked for the help to raise the baby and stressed that she pays enough attention to her son.

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