Thursday , April 22 2021

Video goal goals Liverpool – Huddersfield – 5: 0

April 27, 1:05 am

Jürgen Klop's team mocked the undersea outsider, scoring the fastest goal in the history of the tournament

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"Liverpool" returned to the first place of the English Premier League after winning home with a defeat to victory over the last Huddersfield submarine with a score of 5: 0. Interestingly, the first balls at the gate "Terrier" Jürgen Klop scored already in the fifteenth second of the battle, after the transfer of Mohammed Salah was decorated by the midfielder of Guinea, Nabi Keita. This goal was fastest for Liverpool for talks in the Premier League. Subsequently, the Reds achieved their initial success with four more goals scored, two of which scored Sala in their assets. After this victory, "Liverpool" is a two-point advantage in the ManCity Championship. However, the team of Alexander Zinchenko on Sunday may push Merayside from the top of the ranking if he wins the Burnley Road.

Review of the match "Liverpool" – "Huddersfield" – 5: 0

First half

The second half

"Liverpool" – "Huddersfield" – 5: 0

Keita, 1, Mane, 23, 66 Sala, 45 + 1, 82
Liverpool: Allison – Alexander Arnold (Gomez, 87), Lovren, van Dyke, Robertson – Wayneel (Shakiri, 73), Henderson, Keita – Salah, Strider (Okdle-Chamberlain, 73).
Huddersfield: Hamer – Smith, Schindler, Congolese, Durham (Prichard, 81) – Stankovic – Grant, Bakuna, Hogg, Mbenza (Kachungga, 87) – Mune (Levi, 65).

As previously reported The coach of Manchester United was cruelly run over in his native Norway: Austin Powers was wrapped over Solser's head, comparing the Ole Gunar team with a badly controlled baggage bag.

It was also reported that Manchester City will have to defeat the transfer to replace former Shakhtar player. The English Grand goal was to play in the semifinals "Atlético" Rodori.

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Now you see the news. "Liverpool" returned to the leaders with a record: a review of Red's striking victory over the Terriers. Other football news, see the "Latest News"

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