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Usyk sent Belieu for a well-deserved rest (VIDEO)


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Photo of Usyk sent Beleu for a well-deserved rest (VIDEO)

Photo: Reuters

The Ukrainian Alexander Usyk defended the title of the absolute world champion in the battle against Briton Tony Belleu, knocking out the opponent in the eighth round.

The fight against Alexander Usik or Vasily Lomachenko is a hell. Now there are two such boxers and it's good that they are gone, otherwise the box can be closed at all.

Suppose Usik. Thoughts fast, still moves fast and hits very quickly. His legs show one opponent and his hands do something completely different.

In addition, the pace is constantly increasing, mistakes multiply, Alexander punishes you for everyone, and your coach suddenly starts playing for another team – or screams, demanding the impossible, do something or mumbles in panic, which helps even less.

And sooner or later you will give up, because Usyk or Lomachenko have not started working yet, and you are already beaten, tired and demoralized. While the fight has not yet begun.

Too careful

Mustache has just opened – since September last year he had three battles, he collected 4 world champions belts in his weight – and now he also takes money, along with the title of Ring magazine, if you suddenly seriously think about this status. Tony Beleu is intelligent and textured. In his youth he worked as a bouncer and is still doing it now – but in boxing. He threw David Haye's door, knocked out Ilung Makabu, many of whom escaped, his eyes closed, and he was not the favorite in any of these fights. Outside, it is not athletic at all, strength and speed do not amaze the imagination, and with a drooping belly, it looks more like a reduced, but bitter copy of Tyson Fury. And he volunteered to fight the monster.

What could have gone wrong with the mustache? Tony is a bouncer. He did not intend to pack a boxer, he is an expert on funny junks, he attacks with violation of rules and after gong he knows how to show off, not fight, but go in anticipation of error, catch and laugh like an abnormal. But Bellew's tactics also worked. He was too careful in the first round, but he took the second – and certainly did not give up the third – forcing the opponent to fold all the cards on the table earlier. Dragging Usik to himself, forcing him to work, and he threw the right one in counterattack, each time with dangerous intentions, sometimes alternating with body strikes, screams, images on the ropes … Usik was faster, he felt better, but Tony used almost anytime to get a master, knock out the beat, scare you. Do not do it at the beginning of the battle – then there is no chance.

The best boxer of the year

Around 5 rounds Bellew was already tired. At six he disastrously stopped. Usik found the distance and shot. Tony slowed down, his battle plan became an open book, and Alexander was still warming up. The open battle did not terrify him, he saw all the British blows, there was almost no threat. In the eighth year the decision itself was ripe. Usik showed the attack, Tony tried to answer, he did not get – the opponent was waiting for it – he was stung with a slight blow Tony & # 39; ego on the left of Tony & # 39 ;, yanked forward again, and then he really understood that everything was over. The next left stuck in his jaw, shook her head, and Tony's body fell. On the cards of two judges from three, Bellew won this fight. In the real world – it was destroyed. Speed, rhythm, accuracy – in addition, Usyk was too big and meant too well.

The best boxer of the year? Most likely. One of the best weight stories? It is early to speak, but it is definitely going in this direction. A perfect boxer with no flaws? Here's a big question mark. He loses rounds. I miss bits. It does not seem to be a knockout – it cuts out people and does not change the style of amateurs too much.

What would happen if Tony was not so tired so fast? If Gassiew had a battle plan and he did not have a hand injury? If Mieris Briedis tactically saw the fight and could not get up? In the alternative reality, the victories of all these people over Usik were not so amazing. But Aleksander, his discipline and its preparation were placed in their places. Now they say he is the likely contender for Anthony & # 39; Joshua in 2019 and will have to fight for another heavyweight title. And here again there are many options, what and how it can go wrong. For Cirrus and his rivals.

He has a style, a plan, and now he definitely has a big name in boxing. But now absolutely can not release, skip the rhythm and be counted even in episodes. Do not hide the hit again or hide the absence of the strike. It is strange to talk about it after a clear and early victory, but Tony Belleu was killed by speed, not by force. Joshua will probably eat those blows and not hurt. Or you can do everything in the ring somehow differently, without thinking who has a stronger jaw? Recently, without it, it was not possible in boxing. Holding a punch was more important than being beaten. Alexander Usik has his own way, it's obvious, he'll show us whether the box has changed with him, whether it still remains the same as in the times of Holyfield, Archie Moore & # 39; and others. And you still do not know what answer you and I like.

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