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Turchinov wrote that his son served in ATO

The secretary of the NSMSS, Alexander Turchinov, called presidential candidate Anatoly Grisenko's statement "a lie" that he allegedly hid his son from participating in the ATO. About this Turchinov wrote on his Facebook.

"Unlike the former Minister of Defense of the government of Yanukovych Anatoly Gritsenko, my son went to the National Guard as a volunteer in the most difficult times for our country – in the summer of 2014, immediately after receiving a diploma from the Ukrainian university."

According to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, his son "served a year and a half – from summer 2014 to early 2016, and only when the level of confrontation began to decline, he left the National Guard." "I know Grisenko for many years, and I can quote many facts that prove his cowardice, deception and empty postulates. Knowing this, he tells me about his dreams to shoot me or at least make me plant on every occasion," Turchinov said.


As the party reported, on Wednesday an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon with a former defense minister was published. Gritsenko, in response to the question why he did not go to the front in 2014, said there was no work for him there. He also stated that he did not hide his son from the front, "as Poroshenko, Lutsenko, Pashinski, or the same Turchinov did."

The public prosecutor's wife said she would sue Grisenko.

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