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Tourist tax in Lviv was introduced from April 1, 2019

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Local authorities have determined the rates of tourist tax.

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Tourists will have to pay for a visit to Lviv: the amounts are named




Local authorities have determined the rates of tourist tax.

From April 1, when you travel to Lviv on vacation, you will have to pay a tourist tax. This decision was made by local deputies. The decree comes into force on 1 April 2019.

They found that the tourist tax per day would be 0.2-0.5% of the minimum wage. Now it is from 8.35 UAH to 20.86 UAH.

The percentage of the fee depends on the costs of temporary accommodation or overnight accommodation:

  • up to 350 UAH – 0.2% (8.35 UAH);
  • from 350 UAH to 750 UAH – 0.3% (12.52 UAH);
  • 750-1,200 UAH – 0.4% (16.69 UAH.);
  • from UAH 1200 – 0.5% (UAH 20.86).

Such costs refer to the total cost of a room (room), a lease of an apartment, a residential building or other residential property, regardless of the number of inhabitants.

Recently I remember in Ukraine change the rules for paying tourist tax. Even those who will spend the night in the private sector or in a rented apartment should pay the fee. At the same time, in 2019, the tourist tax can not exceed 20.86 UAH per day accommodation for Ukrainian tourists and 208.65 UAH (about 6.5 euros) for foreigners.

A in Kiev tourist tax increased additionally. Changes will also affect foreign tourists, and for Ukrainians, hostels, hotels and pensions will pay a fee. In 2018, Kiev was visited by 3 million domestic tourists and nearly 2 million foreigners. If in 2019 the flow of tourists remains the same, the city can receive up to 150 million hryvnia taxes (almost 5 times more than last year).

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