Friday , April 16 2021

The premiere of the Ramsstein Radio Group's piston

The German band Rammstein on April 26 presented a new video for the song Radio. Video posted to the YouTube team.

Radio Song is dedicated to radio as a means of transmitting information, the possibility of obtaining "breath of liberty" in a world full of restrictions. The plot of the video takes place in Berlin in the last century. Probably, it's about 50-60s, because the video contains radiographs and receivers Carmen (1953-54), Tranito (1960), as well as hints of full militarization and censorship inherent in that time.

In the story, the Ramstein band appears as musicians, whose performances are broadcast on the radio. However, receptionists from Berlin residents are trying to seize the police. Women, on the other hand, seek to acquire radio, which even replaces people: Germans engage with sex recipients, as well as with their husbands, breastfeeding them as children. Police are trying to hit the construction of the radio studio, where musicians perform, but it turns out that only their projections exist.

The premiere of the song was held overnight in the air at several German radio stations, at the same time the video was shown as a quiet projection on the wall of the store building in Berlin at the corner of Thorshtrasse and Pretslauer Alley. Those who wanted to watch the video before the world premiere were due to arrive at the right place by 20:55 and include the radio.

Video: YouTube / Ramsstein Official

The song will be included in the new album of the band, whose release is scheduled for May this year. Ramstein has already released a record of innings, which shows the Kakhovskaya square in the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

We also wrote that the last clip of Ramstein's Germany with the victims of Nazism offended the audience.

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