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The movement of the Crimean bridge is under threat due to soil loading

The inaction of the occupying authorities in relation to the situation of creeping soil near the Crimean bridge can lead to the stopping of traffic on one approach to the bridge, the InformNapalm community said.

In the occupied Crimea, due to the wrong actions of the contracting organization OOO Strojgazmontazh, the soil began to descend on the part of the only highway leading to the Crimean bridge. This was announced on January 30 by the intelligence community InformNapalm, citing closed documents that were sent to the head of the Federal Railway Transport Agency of the Russian Federation from the Ministry of Transport Authority on the peninsula.

It is noted that near the car access to the Crimean bridge "Stroygazmontazh" stored significant amounts of soil.

"As a result of the elimination of this soil, a trench was formed, which due to the weather was filled with a considerable amount of rain and melted water, which resulted in the danger of flooding on the top of the embankment, and as a result – a significant part of the slope of the road on the newly built road "- the document says.

Regarding this situation, Stroygazmontazh decided to discard the established amount of water in the drainage system on the highway, which, according to the project, was not intended for such loads. Because of this, the slope has lost stability, the series of soil slid along the road, destroying the concrete reinforcement of the channel and the drainage network.

"On this page it is necessary to urgently remove the causes of floods by fully restoring the existing terrain. We are reminded again that the inactivity to resolve this issue can lead to slipping across the entire main road and, as a result, the cessation of traffic after one approach to the Crimean Bridge "- stated in the document.

It was noted that the originals of the documents and photos of InformNapalm were provided by the activists of the Ukrainian Cyber ​​Alliance.

Screen display:

Screen display:

The bridge over the Kerch Strait, which connects the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory of Russia, opened in May 2018. Ukrainian authorities called the bridge a threat to national security.

In December 2018, Yuri Medovar, a senior researcher at the Institute of Water Problems at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the bridge descends and the current washes the soil under the base of its supports. Scientist He noted that huge money was invested in the construction of the bridge, but its operation is likely to be even more expensive, and does not recommend driving on the bridge because of the risk of its collapse.

Russia annexed Crimea after a military blockade of Ukrainian military units and an illegal referendum on March 16, 2014. The annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation has not been recognized by Ukraine and most countries in the world.

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