Sunday , April 11 2021

The famous reviewer criticized Renault's Dyster: AvtoMedia: VladTime

A popular blogger has decided to find out whether it is possible to call a special version of Renault Duster Adventure and whether it costs 1.3 million rubles spent on it – as a result, the car disappointed him.

The leader of the ASATA channel noticed that the difference between the Adventure version and the standard Renault Duster is just in adding black plastic wings on the wings and doors, the black roof rails and also painted black discs. Slightly changed headlights. "There is nothing new in it! There is no deep refinement," the blogger complained. The presence of drum brakes instead of disk brakes made it the most serious: "For 1.3 million rubles you get technology from the 80s," he became angry.

The same goes for the engine: since 2012, the Duster has a 1.5-liter diesel engine, a 1.6-liter and two-liter petrol engine. According to the pollster, Duster Adventure does not have any off-road features, so it is definitely called a space wagon. "This is the same Renault Logan, only with a new body and a plug for all wheels," said the blogger. He said that on this "Duster" there is an electromagnetic coupling that does not withstand heavy loads and is switched off, and also does not allow to drive at speeds above 80 km / h.

Uneven cavities, impermeable seals, rugged door handles, oak plastic in the cabin – with every new minute of the review, the presenter found more and more flaws in the adventure of the Renault Duster. He said the car was manufactured in factories in Russia and, therefore, is likely to be characterized by such a terrible quality of construction: "Even the deflectors are from the Grants," the blogger said.

Experiencing the "Duster" on the ground, the geodeter discovered that he would not be able to "win the tops and smooth out the dirt," but the city would definitely be useful. The most optimal and economical operating option is driving in automatic mode. He summed up that the car is actually more plus than the minus, but not with a price of 1.3 million, which spoils the whole impression.

Mia Gronskaja


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