Wednesday , August 4 2021

The doctor talked about the characteristics of coronavirus immunity and who does not need a vaccine

The epidemiologist said he could not be vaccinated

Coronavirus vaccine in Ukraine (photo: RBC-Ukraine)

Those who have had coronavirus may not have antibodies but may be immune at the same time. This group of people may not need a coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, the body’s specific protection against a viral agent can last for years, not months, as previously thought. More details about who can not be vaccinated and what happens to the immunity of KOVID-19 in those who were ill – said epidemiologist, infectious disease specialist Alexei Galimski.

As the doctor said in a comment for OZVREVATEL, it is wrong to think that immunity to the coronavirus lasts for 6 months.

“It is wrong to say that coronavirus immunity lasts for up to six months,” he said.

According to the doctor, immunity to a viral disease is determined not only by the presence of antibodies, which really disappear over time. It is also determined by “cellular immunity”, ie the presence of “specifically activated lymphocytes” in the body.

“How long they last is hard to say. It can last for years, maybe decades. KOVID-19 is a new, little-studied infection. But I hope most of those who have been sick and vaccinated will remain immune for at least a few years. “There are already reports of re-illness,” the doctor summarized.

Will recall, previously the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko said that in 2021 in Ukraine they plan to vaccinate half the population against coronavirus. This is almost 21 million people.

Details of the January quarantine in Ukraine have also become known. Schools, restaurants and fitness centers are due to close next month. At the same time, ski resorts and churches will operate.

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